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New mystery books by American author a.j. Lombardi includes books of drama, romance, adventure, and thrilling investigation stories available in ebook, paperback, and audible versions. Follow the fast-moving intrigue in these latest new mystery books including; Death by Romance, Terror in Vermont, Mystery, and Secrets, Romance Gone Wrong, and Passion Island Mystery...

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Death by romance book cover

Death By Romance

A short story of innocent flirtation gone wrong

Something goes wrong for well-mannered family man Bob when he goes to a charity event and has a moment of innocent flirtation with an attractive guest. 


My name is Bob and I always lived an ordinary life.  I married my high school sweetheart, have two children, a great job, and have good friends. “Life has a way of changing very quickly when you least expect it”.   


A wrong decision, a flirtatious smile, or maybe a split-second wrong choice can alter your life forever as it did mine!   The story you are about to read will have an ending you will least expect.  “It did for me and unfortunately I cannot go back and change things… Continue

Terror in Vermont book cover

Terror In Vermont 

High school friends spend a night star gazing atop a lonely mountain in Vermont and encounter strange events that will change their lives forever...



The story you are about to read is of the events that my friends and I experienced on a dark and lonely night atop a mountain in Vermont. Whether you choose to believe this story as fact is your decision alone.

"I saw what I saw, even if you don't believe me...  Continue

Mystery and Secrets Book Cover

Mystery And Secrets

Follow along in this continuing thrilling story as it unfolds 

The beginning of a thrilling mystery investigation taken from the files of special agent J. Alan Velbrin.


Mystery surrounds the abandoned mansion and the dark family secrets that will unfold in this ongoing investigation of  “The Vonsville Mansion Story Continue


Passion Island Mystery
Secrets of the rich and famous revealed

Recent high school graduate Ken Floures and friends celebrate aboard a party boat before heading to college. Great whales are seen flocking along the California coast. As the Skipper gets close, a sudden thrashing whale causes the ship to turn and sink. Ken and his friends are wearing life vests, but soon become separated by the current. The tide brings Ken close to a mystery private Island frequented by the rich and famous. The Islands guest are there to indulge in their most hidden desires. All that takes place on the Island remain secret and hidden from outsiders. The indulgent behaviors on the Island are some that would make the guest at a Roman orgy blush. Continue...

AI 2053 Apocalypse Rising

The year is currently 2053. Mitch Landro, a special agent, is recovering from a near-fatal injury in the Australian outback. The ITA intelligence agency believes he is missing and dead. He is living off the grid after being discovered and saved by an indigenous Aboriginal group. For the time being, he is suffering from momentary memory loss. While healing, he is oblivious of AI's swift alteration of the world order.. Continue...

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