aj Lombardi is a new American author whose style of writing captures various venues of which includes; western, mystery, humor,coming of age, children's stories, sci fi and more...his latest new short stories are available in ebook and paperback format and may be purchased at Amazon books. 

Death of a rock star FREE read!

A fast moving string of events and unexpected encounters will lead to an eternal ending. Super rock star begins his journey while waiting for the stage to be readied for his performance at the garden. A beautiful reporter enters the room and a series of fast moving unexpected events follow to which you must read the story to find out...

The Godfather Connection

A new thrilling and captivating story of a crime family and two young cousins Gino and Cosmo who rise from altar boy innocence into becoming hit men and major players in the family owned casino. The casino is controlled by the ruthless Godfather uncle Vincent. Years earlier, the family business was under control of Cosmos older brother Paulo. Unknowingly to everyone, uncle Vincent ordered the assassination of Paulo so as to become sole owner of the casino...  


Freddy and the school bully

Freddy the talking monkey goes to school for the first time and does not fit in with the other kids. "After all, he is a monkey! In time,  When all is looking good for Freddy, the cheesiest girl in school named Donna Shanneenee, meets him in the school corridor and tries to steal a kiss from him. Freddy refuses her flirtations. Donna gets angry and spreads a rumor throughout the whole school that the biggest toughest bully from another school is going to fight it out with Freddy!...

Teenagers adventure story

FREE preview!

A very funny coming of age adventure story about three teenage underdog friends  who must leave small town America  and face many life changing adventures of  which includes riding with an outlaw motorcycle gang, running with the bulls, falling in love, settling a hillbilly feud in a town where everyone has two first names and more…"The funniest most heartwarming coming of age story you will ever read!

Robot People Investigation

Roswell connection is a riveting new story surrounding a UFO crash, artificial intelligence, robotics and the cloud. Survivors have emerged from the UFO crash. One of the survivors helps the Genesis 15 company develop a new super human implantable microchip that will allow a human to be interggrated as one with the cloud.

Special agent Jay Marrow has been hired to find one of the missing survivors who emerged from the UFO crash...

A new home for Tiny the mouse as told by Jimmy the talking puppy...FREE to read!

It all began while I was on a vacation in upstate New York visiting family and friends in the town of Snugville. The small historic town of Snugville is nestled in between the Sugarton mountains and the green forest. There are many family owned farms, beautiful pastures and streams within the borders of the little town of Snugville. Each year, thousands of birds would gather among the tall oak trees to discuss their plans for winter getaways to warmer locations...

American west story

American frontier history comes to life in this new American west adventure story about the expansion of the great American western frontier. “A captivating and exciting  new American western series unfolds in an ongoing story of  the life and times of Marshall Luke Johnson of Montana territory... 

Death by Romance FREE read!

Something goes wrong for well mannered family man Bob when he goes to a charity event and has a moment of innocent flirtation with an attractive guest...

After having a couple drinks at the social event, Bob's innocent encounter with a beautiful woman moves him to  a life changing direction that he will regret forever...


Green lawns made easy-FREE read!

Organic lawn guide is an easy to follow guide with easy to follow steps to guide you to make your lawn green and lush without toxic chemicals...You can have a lush green lawn in no time!

Green lawns made easy!  This informational guide will provide you with some of the key pointers to a greener healthier lawn.  Learn the simple to follow steps to have a thick green lawn the organic way, without toxic  chemicals...

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