Hello friends, my name is little Jimmy and I would like to introduce you my first adventure story!

 “Tiny the mouse finds a home” 

by a.j.Lombardi


I am glad that you have chosen to join me today!  I have a great new adventure to tell you about, and I am so excited to have you come along! I have met some of the most remarkable new friends that I would like you to meet as well. “But first, I would like to give you some insight as to how our friendships began”.  Life has a way of changing when you least expect it, as it did mine on that warm summer day in July. I hope that the story you are about to hear will be as rewarding to you as the actual event has been to me. 


Chapter 1. Snugville Valley


It all began while I was on a vacation in upstate New York visiting family and friends in the town of Snugville.  The small historic town of Snugville is nestled in between the Sugarton mountains and the green forest.  There are many family owned farms, beautiful pastures and streams within the borders of the little town of Snugville.      Each year, thousands of birds would gather among the tall oak trees to discuss their plans for winter getaways to warmer locations.     Towards the pasture areas, there lived a turtle name Peter.  "He was a very quiet type."  Peter the turtle was somewhat of a loner and lived somewhere in back fields near the local stream.  "No one really knew where he came from, but most folks guessed it was somewhere out west."  I think it was due to the fact that he spoke like actor John Wayne!  Peter the turtle was a decorated former marine who served his country for many years. Even though he was a decorated war hero, it was something he never spoke about.  Along the same pasture was the home of Todas the leaping frog.   Todas was a very soft-spoken individual who spent most of his day in the high grass along the busy highway just watching cars go by.  “Todas was a giant-sized frog who had the amazing ability to leap over twelve feet in one jump!”  Folks in town said that Todas once worked in the rodeo.  "Like Peter the turtle, Todas was very shy and somewhat of a loner."


In the center of town sat the town square.   It was a friendly atmosphere where town folks would often gather as their children spent the afternoon with friends.   Each Sunday,   Louis the talking monkey would play his accordian as he strolled along the brook that flowed gently by the giant grand old cherry tree that stood   gracefully in the center of the town square.   The giant cherry tree  gave forth the most delicious cherries each year.  Word in town was that Louis’s great grandfather was the one who planted the tree many years ago when he moved to town to start his accordion making company.


Chapter 2. The town square and the cherry tree


In the previous chapter I almost forgot to mention that Henrietta the talking owl lived in the cherry tree along with the twelve little orphan birds she adopted.  Henrietta never really spoke that much, but when she did, people listened, and she always had a kind and encouraging word for everyone!  “She seemed to have the answers to questions just when you needed a sound and wise answer!  Word in town was that Henrietta’s family lived in the grand old cherry tree since it was first planted.  Henrietta spent most of her day guarded and watching over all that went on in the town square.”   Without question, the town square and the grand old cherry tree was the center for a lot that was going on in town. 


The town square was the one place that you could get all the happenings before word hit the local newspaper. Nancy the firefly was always busy about spreading the town gossip in people’s ears.  They say she would get most of her information from Mr. Nick the busy bee who was always fluttering about asking folks questions and repeating what he heard.


Chapter 3. Mayor Hogston’s ill thought of plan


Needless to say, all was well in the little town of Snugville. “That is, until the day a new Mayor was elected.”  On the very first day Mayor elect Hogston took office, he introduced his grand plan to knock down the town square and cut down the cherry tree. His plan also included knocking down many of the homes to make way for a new commercial development.  Many of my friends who lived in the town and forest were very upset about  Mayor Hogston’s plan.   Everyone who lived in the local area was very upset in that many folks would have to leave their homes and find new places to live! 

Without question, there was quite an uproar among the folks who lived within the town’s borders!  “Word has a way of getting around very quickly among those who reside in the streams and forest.” Birds are very chatty and get their message out very quickly to all those who live in the forest.” The many streams along the flowing pastures outside down provide a great highway for the fishes to go from town to town spreading the word.  One of the most outspoken residents of the streams and waterways was Lana the guppy.  When she got word of the Mayors plans, she would go up and down the streams and waterways spreading the word of the Mayors plans night and day.  When the farm animals got wind of the Mayors plan, the cows went on strike by not giving milk! I was told that  the chickens refused to lay eggs. “Even Barry the rooster stopped crowing in the early morning.” Even though the whole town was against the Mayors Hogston’s plan, he remained stubborn and pig headed in determination to go ahead with his ill thought  plan.  


Chapter 4. The destruction of Tiny the mouse’s house


On an early morning in mid-August the plans were set in motion to start demolishing the homes.  The first house that was set for demolishing was occupied by Tiny the mouse and his family.  Tiny was the youngest of nine brothers and sisters.  He was given the name Tiny because he was the smallest mouse in his whole family. Tiny had many cousins in the neighborhood which include his closest cousin Vinny mouse. Vinny and his family  lived in a very large historic home that was nestled across the street from the town square.   I was told that Vinny spent his childhood growing grew up in the city.  His family moved to town after his father received a better job offer to manage the Snugville cheese factory.  “Tiny’s cousin Vinny mouse was a colorful character and somewhat of a jokester!  Vinny  had an amazing talent to sing opera.”  Believe it or not, he once had received an open invitation to join the Metropolitan opera house!   Vinny mouse had the most beautiful voice you could ever hear!  Despite having such a great voice, Vinny could not bring himself to sing in front of an audience.  He would choke up with stage fright and refuse to sing.  The only time he would sing was when he would go to abandoned buildings and back alleys and sing alone


The evening before the demolition began, Vinny and his family was over at Tiny’s house for dinner.

Tiny and his family did not know that their home was being demolished until it was too late!  As the massive tractors and bulldozers began their work, Tiny’s family fled just in time as the house was collapsing under the weight of the heavy tractors!  In the frantic race to escape the falling house, Tiny ran straight into the heavy traveled four lane superhighway! As the cars and trucks went rushing by, Tiny stood frozen between the white lines.   “He needed a miracle get back to the side of the road without harm.”


With the frantic sounds of horns blowing and Tiny screaming help, a miracle was needed to rescue poor Tiny! Peter the turtle just happened to be by the pond at the left side of the highway. Seeing what was about to unfold, he ran as fast as he could towards the four lanes superhighway to attempt to rescue Tiny from the rushing cars and trucks!  “As we all know, turtles cannot run fast!  Nevertheless, brave Peter did not give any regard to his own life and ran as fast as he could to rescue Tiny.” Just before he got to the rushing cars,  Todas the leaping frog came from the tall grass and made a giant leap into the four lanes superhighway to rescue Tiny!  Within seconds Tiny jumped onto the back of Todas.  “Without wasting any time, Todas took a giant leap back to the side of the rode bringing Tiny to safety to where Peter waited. Tiny was exhausted and fell off the back of Todas into the arms of Peter.” Being shy as he was, Todas  took  one leap and  then made his way back into the tall grass in the field.  


Chapter 5. News spreads fast 


News of the days event quickly spread throughout the town.  The towns folk decided that something had to be done to stop the Mayor’s destructive plan!  Word was sent out to all the residents that a meeting would be held the next evening at farmer Pringal’s red barn.  That location was best for the meeting in that it was located right next to the brook where Lana the guppy lived.  This way she, and all her friends could participate without having to leave the water. 


The meeting brought all the town’s residents as well as nearby neighbors who wanted to help stop the Mayor’s plan.  The only resident that was not present was the notorious Sammy the skunk.  “Sammy was a very peculiar and contentious type! He constantly yelled at anyone who dared go anywhere near his property!  If the paperboy delivered his paper late, Sammy would hide in the bushes the next day and spray the poor lad with the most awful stinky smell! “I guess you can understand why Sammy  was not welcomed at the meeting.”


As the meeting began, opinions were heard on how best to handle the situation.  It was decided that a protest march would be held down main street as a sign of unison.  The thought was that maybe the Mayor would see that the whole town was against his plan and maybe he would concede.


As the meeting continued, the oversized barn door leading to where the meeting was being held suddenly opened and closed with a loud bang!  “All became silent as in came Sammy the skunk along with his wife and three children.”  As Sammy and his family walked up to where the main speaker was, the room became so silent you could hear a pin drop!  Some folks in the crowd started to leave their seats and head towards the back door to get away in fear of being sprayed by Sammy’s stinky spray!


In the moments that followed Henrietta the owl grabbed the microphone and informed the crowd that everyone should sit still.   She informed the crowed that It was she who invited Sammy along with his family to the meeting.  She then turned the microphone over to Sammy.  “In a very sure and stern voice Sammy explained to the crowd that he was aware of how the towns people felt towards him.   He realized that he and his family was missing out on friendship with all the folks in the community.”  Sammy confessed that It was time for him to start treating people different and become a good neighbor.  Sammy then explained that he and his family came up with a plan to help stall the demolition plan.    He said that he and his family would go over to where the dump trucks and bulldozers were parked and spray them with his special stinky spray!  This would prevent the drivers to perform their demolition at least for a few days.  “Maybe it would provide more time for the residence to persuade the Mayor to reverse his demolition plan. Everyone agreed with Sammy’s idea.    All were happy with Sammy, and   warmly welcomed him back into the community.” 


Chapter 6.  The protest plan down Main St.


It was then decided that a massive protest parade down main street would be held on Saturday.   Barry the rooster would lead the parade followed by his family of hens.  The whole group of residents and neighbors would then follow.  The crowd would then head over to the Mayors house and have a sit down until the Mayor agreed to speak to them.


 Saturday morning rolled around and soon Main street was flooded with towns residents and neighbors from near and wide. It was a warm and very breezy day.  “A strong breeze kept all the tree branches constantly swaying as if they were clapping hands in agreement to how so many came together to help out!  Flocks of birds flew in as far away as North Dakota as well as flocks of geese all the way from Canada.” To everyone’s surprise, even Henry the donkey and family came in from California!   “It was amazing to see how much support was being shown that day for the residents of tiny town of Snugville.” The crowd was extremely excited to see that town hero Jimmy the rabbit was there to join in the march!  Jimmy the rabbit was one of the most famous baseball players in history!  He grew up in Snugville and was a local hero when he played for the Snugville high school team.


Chapter 7. Day of the protest march


About ten a.m.  the protest march was headed down towards the mayor’s home on the west side of main street.  It appeared that everyone was busy doing their part to keep things going smoothly.  However, the only one not in attendance was Tiny the mouse.  His parents were in a frantic state looking for him!  Nancy the firefly and Mr. Nick the busy body bumblebee said they heard that Tiny had plans to head down to where the heavy demolition bulldozers were and attempt to start one up!  “In that he was so distraught that the Mayor had his family’s home knocked down, he wanted to do the same to the Mayor’s house to give him a taste of his own medicine.”


As the protest march made its way past the town square Tiny was seen driving the enormous bulldozer towards the Mayor’s home.

“It appeared that Tiny had lost control of the giant machine which started to sway left and right!  It looked like a disaster was about to happen!”  At the same time, Mayor Hogston came out to his front lawn to confront the protesters.  Standing in the crowd was Tiny’s family who were now homeless due to the Mayor’s bad choice.  As Mayor Hogston looked over in their direction, he also noticed his own wife and daughters standing in support of the crowd.  “Something must have made a tug to his heart seeing how Tiny’s family were now homeless and his own wife and family was now in support of the protest march.”  At the same time, he could see the swaying bulldozer heading for his own home!  


Upon seeing what was about to take place, Vinny the opera singing mouse let out a loud cry for help!  Seeing his cousin was in imminent danger gave Vinny the confidence to overcome his shyness and stage fright.    “His baritone voice was so loud that the crowd came to a silent hush!  Within seconds, Todas the leaping frog came out of nowhere with Peter the turtle riding on his back!   With a giant leap Todas landed onto the. swaying bulldozer stopping it just in time before it crashed into the Mayor’s house. With a sigh of relief, the crowd cheered in unison.”  Mayor Hogston then did the unexpected.   He tearfully went running over to Tiny’s family embracing them with a big apology!  Mrs. Hogston then invited Tiny’s family to live in the new addition of their home until a new home could be built for them.


The rest of the day was spent with folks catching up on old times and just enjoying being together and making new friends. In the weeks that followed, Mr. Nick the nosey bumblebee asked Henrietta the owl how could so many be informed on such a short notice of the protest march.  Henrietta replied that the talking trees played an important role in getting the word around. “How could that be asked bumblebee Mr. Nick?”  Henrietta replied that as the gently breeze blows through the trees it means that the trees are talking to each other.  She continued by saying “It was the one way our gracious tree friends could help get the message out that we needed support.”


As the warm summer passed along, things went back to normal at the town square.   Every Sunday Vinny mouse would stroll along side Louis the monkey singing opera as Louis played his accordion.  Mayor Hogston supplied all the funds to rebuild a new home for Tiny mouse’s family.  “In the end, all worked out for the good.”  It was especially great to see that Sammy the skunk and his family were back in good terms with the community.  Needless to say, all was good in the cozy town of Snugville.


The end.


P.S.  I hope you have enjoyed this adventure as much as I have enjoyed writing it!  More adventures are sure to follow as life goes on in the town of Snugville.  In the meantime, please check out some of my other adventure stories.


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