The Cloud Conspiracy

The ongoing case of "The Cloud Conspiracy" is taken from the files of special agent Tray Marrow. A super-intelligent UFO crash survivor is held at a quasi-government research company named Genesis 15. He is given the name Lawrence. As an advanced species, he creates an implantable microchip enabling humans to become one with the cloud. A power-hungry loner named Larry Fledges realizes the power that the microchip holds. He steals the chip and self-implants becoming "one with the cloud". The clock is now ticking for special agent Marrow to locate Fledgers before world chaos ensues.  

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  What listeners say about The Cloud Conspiracy

   5 out of 5 stars


   Very Interesting!! Great quick read!!

   This story is very interesting and extremely intriguing!

    It constantly makes you think and ponder what the narrator is saying!

   Great writing, and great narration! Enjoyed very much!


   I must agree with the book the more technology increases human

   interaction decreases. It is a scary thought that this book could be

   or become accurate in the near future where aliens or A.I's

   can assimilate into the human existence so easily and go unknown.

   I found this book to unique, entertaining yet frightening all at the same time. I would definitely recommend this short book because     I t will get you to thinking about what the government could be capable of.

    5 out of 5 stars