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The year is currently 2053. Mitch Landro, a special agent, is recovering from a near-fatal injury in the Australian outback. The ITA intelligence agency believes he is missing and dead. He is living off the grid after being discovered and saved by an indigenous Aboriginal group. For the time being, he is suffering from momentary memory loss. While healing, he is oblivious of AI's swift alteration of the world order.


For the time being, the rest of the world has been transformed by artificial intelligence's dominance and dictation. In tandem with "The Cloud," AI is exercising its mighty arm of control over human affairs. This all-powerful force, devoid of human emotion, has gradually positioned itself in the place of belief and confidence in God.

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"A must-read thrilling novel"

The story of where we are today  and where the world is heading in our future!'

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The four horsemen of the end times are standing by in waiting! 

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