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Artificial Intelligence Dangers

"The Cloud and You"

artificial intelligence book cover

© 2020 a.j. Lombardi all rights reserved

It gathers Information

to manipulate our decisions

While judging behaviors

and calculating revisions.


Algorithm and passwords

all gathered by number

Information acquired

as we quietly slumber.


It watches, it listens

and speaks in a warm tone

May someday block access

to everything you own.


Buy this, buy that,

don’t think for yourself!

I will order for you

and fill up your shelf.


With access I will deduct

no need for cash

But if I am compromised

your credit I will trash!


Declined and embarrassed

at the counter I stand

My cards been denied

the cloud says banned!


Blocked at the register

I feel so small

“Please understand sir

I just work at the Mall!”


In cars, phones,

and in our homes

Flying overhead quietly

the spying drones.


We cheer at sport stadiums,

and drive through a light

While information is gathered

“Just another gigabyte!”


Recordings are taken

at traffic light and store

I talk to a camera

at my neighbors’ door.


Calculating and regulating

deciding conclusions

While fooling us with ease

and blinding allusions.


Every move is recorded

sorted and filed

A computer talks to me

when a phone is dialed.


“Leave us alone

don’t look our way!”

We no longer communicate

and don’t know what to say.


No speech, just standing

and texting alone

Companionship not wanted

“I just need my phone!”


With heads bowed down

and fingers sliding

My companion is Suri

in whom I am confiding.


What is church

why kneel, why listen or pray?

My video went viral

in only one day.


Riding bikes or conversing

during long friendly walks

Now hours playing videos

like mindless gawks.


Something is wrong

panic sets the tone

Dread sets in

“I lost my phone!”


Will words remain

In God we trust

As cash and checks

now turn to dust?


Keys not needed

to open the doors

Welcome mats sit lonely

on front step floors.


Dogs welcomed at restaurants

as waiters rush by

but deny me access

if I don’t wear a tie.


Fake profiles and dating

on an internet bar

Did you say dating?

that’s just gone too far!


Driving, texting

don’t you see the light?

Beep your horn once

brings a finger in sight.


Instagram, snapchat

whatever you call it

Are photos of loved ones

Still kept in a wallet?


Will beggars still plead

for a dollar or loan?

Will satellites rule

from the internet thrown?


The cloud, the cloud

will it be self-aware

Will it serve like a lamb?

or rule like a bear?


Will a computer rule

judge and decide

Will faith in God

no longer abide?


While progress moves forward

advancements will grow

Let’s be very careful

we reap as we sow.

While the benefits of artificial intelligence are significant and beneficial to society, artificial intelligence  dangers in the wrong hands far exceed our imagination

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