New Western Adventure Story

The life and times of Marshall Luke Johnson

by a. j. Lombardi Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Part Eight

Never touch the Henry Winchester


“He whispered that he would join the 7th Calvary headed up by General Custer”


Early next morning I headed straight to locate Lieutenant Williams.  I found him standing outside Sheriff  Hockshaw’s office.  He stood tall and straight sipping coffee from a dented tin coffee cup while  puffing on a corn cob   pipe.   The early morning sun glistened off the shiny buttons of his impeccable uniform that he wore so proudly. I reckon he was certainly the most distinguished looking officer I had come across in all my career.      When I approached, he stared at me intently as if he knew I was coming.  He gave me a warm smile and said “I knew you would come by.    I have already taken up the liberty to draw up your paperwork Marshall Johnson!”  We then proceeded to go inside the Sheriff’s office to where I was duly sworn in as Federal Marshal Luke Johnson.  Lieutenant Williams then handed me a badge, gave me a warm handshake to which I in return gave him a salute.


In a low tone and stern voice, Sheriff Hockshaw congratulated me.  Addressing me as Marshall Johnson he then informed me that I could use any of the rifles in the cabinet, but I should never touch the Henry Winchester with the twelve lines and cross marked on the right side. Apparently, the gun was very special to him and no one else was ever allowed to hold or fire it.   “Before you leave this morning Marshall, I would suggest that you take the Sharps Carbine to which I did.   I was delighted that he no longer addressed me as “Yankee boy!”


As Lieutenant Williams was getting ready to leave, he informed me that he would contact me from time to time to see how things were coming along.  Before he left, I wanted to let him know that I truly admired the Calvary units and always had a desire to be a Calvary soldier myself.  “He then turned to me and said, For what it’s worth Marshall, I am truly convinced that you would have made a formidable Calvary soldier, and I would have been downright proud to ride along with you!


He then mounted his horse.  As his soldiers sat proudly in their saddles in a straight line, I asked Lieutenant Williams what the future would hold for him?     “After a moment of silence, he leaned over so no one else would hear and whispered that he was going to join up with the 7th. Calvary headed up by General Custer.  I wished him luck to which he thanked me and assured me that he would keep me updated.  He then gave the command, and his unit rode away.  As they were almost out of sight. I noticed that one of the soldiers turned and started to gallop back to where we were.


Stopping directly in front of me he leaned forward and said that Lieutenant Williams forgot to mention that they had come across a band of about fifteen  or so Injuns camped out near the canyon a few days back.

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