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Comic Hero Adventures

by aj Lombardi 

Copyright © 2023 All rights reserved


Adventures of the great and wonderful  "Ronni  Babeanzo"

A Humble Hero

 I am your gracious host Ronni Babeanzo!  "Yes, yes!“ I am wise and very strong! If any man or lion would like to fight with the great Ronni Babeanzo, I will tell him to come forth and I will give him a sound thrashing! "But for now, we must go on to better things. If you listen to what I say, you also will become wise, but never as wise as the great and wonderful Ronni Babeanzo!

 Before I begin with the story of my life as a hero, I must tell you that I am a very humble man! "As the great and wise Ronni Babeanzo, I have always been, smart and strong. But I will tell you that there are imposters who try to be like me! "But you must know that no one will ever be as wonderful as I." I have many brothers, sisters, and family members who will say that this is true! The people from my village will also tell you, that there is no one like me! But for now, enough said about the humbleness of the great Ronni Babeanzo. It is time for me to begin to tell you about my many adventures as a hero. "I am very happy that you are joining me as I tell you of my adventure!“ This tells me that you are very wise, and are willing to learn from someone so great and humble as I am!"

 I have fought many fools, imbeciles, and wrongdoers in my life. The world is full of such imbeciles who are always planning to do wrong. Unfortunately, many innocent people become victims of these evil doers. This is why I, "the great and wonderful Ronni Babeanzo have dedicated my life to helping those in need. As a hero, I have brought many villains to justice. Some of which have come to change their evil ways.

 But now I must tell you of one who has never given up on his intentions of wrongdoing.“ The man I speak of is known in my village as Shala "O" Car La La."  He is a scoundrel of a man who has one continuous eyebrow, and teeth as yellow as the sun! His eyes are always shifting to the left and to the right as one who is watching a tennis match. He is known to never remove his dirty sandals upon entering one's home and shows no remorse for his camel's breath and dirty fingers. He is one who stops at nothing to pursue his desire for evil intentions. "He chews his food with a wide-open mouth and is known to wipe the mutton dripping from his lips on the sleeves of others! He has escaped capture many times, but the day will come when the great Ronni Babeanzo will bring him to justice! I look forward to the day that I will catch this scoundrel and see him run as a chicken with the Colonel behind him!

 A Grievous Act

 Yes, yes my dear friends, thank you for continuing with me to hear more of my story as a brave hero!

"Now I will begin to take you on one of the greatest adventures that I have not shared with any living being until now!...“ It all started on one warm summer evening while I was celebrating the feast of doba lee in the village where I was born. About halfway through the festivities, I was summoned to the palace of my good and wonderful friend Crown Prince Boolaba." Upon receiving this urgent call for help, I immediately summoned my flying camel Go Go Ba, and made my way to the palace. When I arrived at the heavily guarded palace, I was escorted to the guest room where I encountered the very distraught and weeping Crown Prince Boolaba. He explained to me that only a short time ago he, his family, and the family of his future father-in-law Sheik Tobabo were dining in the main hall of the palace. They were making plans for his future wedding to the beautiful Talina, who is the daughter of Sheik Tababo. About halfway through the banquet, his beautiful bride-to-be Talina had excused herself to take a private phone call in her quest quarters.


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