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Cyborg Humans

Are robotic cyborg humans real? Will mankind and artificially intelligent robots become a new species?

Imagine if a person or government entity had real-time access to know everything about you. What you buy, listen to, or watch on tv.  How about your financials, your photos, and your social network of friends and family? 


The fact is someone does, but for now, you cannot see him, touch, feel or reason with him and yet he knows everything about you. He is void of human compassion and has the power to decline your purchase at the mall and does not care what you think or feel. That very real entity is called “The Cloud.” Like a cyborg robot without human feelings,  that artificial intelligent power is void of emotion and only does what it is programmed to do.  For now, that intelligent entity may only come from a faceless cell phone, tabletop device, or lab top computer.  But in time the advancements in technology will also provide us with a human-friendly face.

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Five Stars

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