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A New Crime Family Saga Begins 
"Godfather Connection"
by American author aj Lombard

Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal will begin to unfold in this exciting new crime family saga.  The story of a crime family's rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas.  Godfather Connection by American author aj Lombardi is a new crime family saga that is destined to become a classic in the venue of Godfather books and crime family sagas.  The story begins under the watchful eyes of Godfather Uncle Vincent. Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal ensue in this exciting new drama of a crime family’s rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas. This exciting part one family saga will go down as one of the best new Godfather books destined to become a classic.

One of the best new crime family novels

destined to become a classic!


Ebook  $1.99

Paperback $6.62  

Audible  $6.08 Listen to the free sample

Godfather Connection OFFICIAL SELECTION - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festiva
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The BookVira Review of Godfather Connection

From the Italian neighborhoods of New York to Las Vegas Lombardi takes us on a powerful journey that reflects the best and worst in human nature as he taps into a universal need to believe in an organization that exists outside the rules of law. Lombardi’s novel The Godfather Connection knows a lot about organized crime's relationship with Las Vegas. A place where the rules are suspended and everything has a price. Lombardi tells his story with strong pacing and a wealth of little details that feel just right.


The Godfather Connection is in novella territory and a quick read with Lombardi shunning excessive detail in favor of crisp prose and authentic dialogue that imbues his characters with a real sense of presence. To immerse his readers in a shadowy world where right and wrong are often a matter of perspective. It’s a hard book to put down and not least because of Lombardi’s knack for creating characters with real gravitas. Gino, Cosmo, and Don Vincent are highly memorable and well-conceived but Lombardi still allows them room for growth as events evolve. This creates superb fictional dynamics that make the prevailing sense of intrigue and danger swirling around the edges of their lives even more fascinating. An instantly engaging read that readily evokes the presence of a bygone era The Godfather Connection proves a must-read for fans of Godfather Books and Crime Family Saga fiction and is strongly recommended!

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