Just released!  The cloud conspiracy

is taken from the files of special agent Tray Marrow





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The intriguing story of artificial intelligence combined with robotics and the cloud. Scientist at Genesis 15 develop a super micro implantable chip that will allow humans to be “One with the cloud”

Investigation of the robot people is a riveting new story surrounding a UFO crash, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the cloud. Survivors have emerged from the UFO crash. One of the survivors helps the Genesis 15 company develop a new superhuman implantable microchip that will allow a human to be integrated as one with the cloud. He also helps scientists at the Genesis 15 company to develop new technologies that will integrate artificial intelligence into human-like robots.

Advanced robots are programmed to assimilate human behavior as they interact with humans. Special agent Tray Marrow has been hired to find one of the missing survivors who emerged from the UFO crash. and reunite him with other survivors. Back at the Genesis 15 headquarters a power-hungry employee of Genesis 15 breaks into the high-security lab and implants himself with the microchip that will allow him to become one with the cloud!

At Amazon in eBook and paperback