Funny interview with Missy the airhead cheerleader

by a.j.Lombardi

A reporter asks a number of questions to Missy the dumb-dumb cheerleader.

Check out what she has to say in the following interview!

What do you think about Christopher Columbus discovery that the world is round - "Like! I think the world is really flat because I can see my friend Jen's house from the deck at our house!  Like, if the world was really round, the people on the bottom would have to wear their shoes on their heads! 

What would you do to stop world hunger- "Like!  I would tell fat people to stop eating all the food and  I would teach the people of the world  how to grow a cookie tree and tell them not to worry because stress can cause premature aging. 


If you had one wish what would it be  - "Like! I would like to learn how to fly so I wouldn't scuff my designer sneakers crossing the street!

What would you say to visitors from another planet - 'Like! I would ask the aliens to teach me how to fly a space ship so I could like go visit the sun and get a tan a lot quicker!

Reporter interrupts - (You would burn up because of the heat before you reached the sun)!  - "Like! that's why I would go at night you silly man!

As president, "how who would you engage  with the Chinese - "Like! I don't understand why Chinese people have to talk Chinese?  "Like! don't they know that if they continue talking Chinese, "like!  no one will understand what they are saying?  "Like! why can't they just talk like me? and besides "like' my father would never let me be engaged to a Chinese person!

What would you consider to be your major achievements -   "That's easy! "Like when I jumped  eight inches high without messing my hair!

Why do you want to go to college -  "Like! I would love to be able to  learn how to count to a



What is on top of your bucket list  -  "Like! to be able to text and fly a jet without anyone getting angry at me! "I would also like to go to a far away country like Disney world  and take an elevator to the top of the leaning tower of Pizza!


How would you stop world pollution  - I would make sure to tell everyone to wash their hands after using the bathroom and   make sure that their gum really sticks to the bottom of the desk so it doesn't "like! "fall and make the ground all messy!  


How would you handle unemployment  - I would tell everyone that they  must get a job and like stop being so lazy!


What would you do about global warming  - "Like! just move to new England and "like! get over it!

How would you help curb childhood obesity  - I don't like scary beast and would tell the police to arrest big foot and tell that beastly friend of his sashqwash "like!  stop scaring children