Robot People Investigation Chapter 12.


I knew that her mother who would soon be by. What made matters even worse was that Tom yelled to me that his left foot was pinned under the tree. Without question, we were in a hopeless situation!  I tried to feel my way around the pitch-black cabin to try to help Tom get free from the tree pinning his foot. Every once in a while, a flash of lighting overhead would fill the cabin with a moment of light. During one of those lighting flashes I could see Tom trapped on the floor and the baby brown bear cup standing next to him. When the room became dark again the bear cub would let out her whimpering cry for her mother.  When I finally got to Tom, I tried in vain to lift the heavy tree off of his foot. I knew that he would be trapped there for a while. It would take more than the strength that I had to free him. The one thing that scared me more that anything was the fact that the mother bear would enter the cabin and kill us both.  I began to push at the cub to move away. The more I hit and eventually kicked at her to move, the more she would press against me wanting to stay.  She was just as scared as the both of us. In the distance I could hear the deep growls and deep grunting of the mother bear.  I knew that she would eventually find her way into the cabin.

At a frantic pace I tried in vain to free Tom.  The tree was just to heavy and  I was near exhaustion .  My hands and arms were scrapped and bleeding.  My wounds were worse than I thought.  I could feel that I was slowly fainting off due to the loss of blood.  If only the cub would leave the cabin we would be in a better situation.  If we could last through the night without being killed by the mother bear, we would have a chance. I did not want to leave Tom trapped under the tree alone!  I could not let my best friend die alone without a fight. As I sat and waited for morning, I desperately tried to fight to keep my eyes from closing and falling asleep. While I was in a half sleep state, I once again could see that same tiny blue blinking light moving about the cabin. It was the last thing I saw before the weight of my tired eyes put me into a deep sleep. Just before I drifted off, I remembered the story Tom told us when he mentioned that old man Gus told about a boy named Lawrence Lane he encountered.  He said that the kid had a tiny blue flashing light emanating from his left shoulder.  He also said that he saw the kid picked up a huge log and fling it into the direction of the men chasing him!​

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