The ongoing case into the “Robot People Investigation” is taken from the files of agent Tray Marrow.

I met agent Marrow while taking an artificial intelligence programming class at a local college.    My first impression of agent Marrow was that he was a conservative man with a confident and   steadfast demeanor.  “He was always fashionably dressed, and when he spoke, he was articulate and concise in what he had to say.”  Upon talking to him for the first time I found him to be someone who was well rounded and easy to talk to.  We hit it off right away in a mutual cordial   friendship.    I think it was probably due to the fact that we both had a deep interest the in subject of artificial intelligence, and its impact on society.  We also had some very interesting conversations regarding “The cloud” and how it has and will affect our lives.   After getting to know him for a few weeks he started to fill me in on a very interesting case he was working on. He dubbed his case as “Robot People Investigation.”   As he began to tell me about the case. “It sounded like something   straight out of a sci fie movie!”  I was sincerely intrigued. Although the story sounded farfetched, I could not take myself away from the fact that he was such a believable, intelligent and articulate man.    His fascinating account came to be one story I could not shy away from.!  In the following intriguing story, you will read about a brilliant man’s work and discoveries combining artificial intelligence with robotic humanoids. You will read an alarming story of how a company has produced a microchip implant which allows the human brain to be connected to the cloud. Company announces exciting breakthrough technology combining artificial intelligence with robotic humanoids.  Brilliant young engineer is reported missing in the desert area of Roswell New Mexico after making the ground-breaking discovery!


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Chapter one My case will begin here


As a professional investigator it is my duty to report “only the facts.”   My personal beliefs and feelings must always be separate from the case I find myself working on.  My clients deserve the truth without bias.  There are times when investigators are asked to testify in court on behalf of their clients.  Documented facts are what provides the court with what it needs to make the correct decisions.  When I first got my investigators license, I knew it was my duty to make sure that my clients were provided with documented facts.  If I kept this rule, I knew I would sleep with the knowledge that I could back up everything I reported with facts. I had just received my private investigators license and put enough money away to open my office. The economy was a little slow at the time and I was desperate to take on any case that would come my way. The first week I found myself just sitting at my new desk and staring at the phone hoping for a case.  I found myself clicking through the television stations to catch something to watch to pass the time.  I came upon a station featuring a documentary story about something to do with what they called an alien spacecraft crashing somewhere in a place called Roswell. The commentator interviewed some of the locals who seemed very believable as to what they witnessed.   It all happened so quick.  A few stated that they saw what looked like three figures escaping the crash and wandering off.  When the military arrived, they were seen removing what appeared to be one body from the crash site. Some of the same witnesses testified that a few months later there was a second crash.   One witness swore he saw what looked like one person leaving the site and wandering off into the desert.  Stories like that never got my interest.  I figured it was just a bunch of foolishness for no minds who had nothing better to do with their time except to run around looking for people from out of space. I mused to myself, if it takes billions of years for a guy from out of space to get here, why would he only come at night?  Furthermore, if it was such a long journey and he was so advanced, don’t you think he would take some time to introduce himself? Nevertheless, I found myself unable to switch the channel and a little ashamed of myself for not switching the channel to a news program, or maybe national geographic.  “What if a potential client walked in and saw me watching a television program about men from out of space”?  I don’t think he would take me as a serious investigator!  About four p.m. on that chilly night in Oct. I decided to leave the office to get some air. About an hour later I headed back to the office. As I headed for the door, I heard the phone rang.  As I was fishing to find my keys to the main door the phone stopped ringing.  “Frantically I got the door opened and made a mad dash for the phone!  “I was delighted when I saw that the caller left a voice mail.”  The caller was a female who spoke in very soft and pleasant tones.  Her message stated that she needed my services to find a missing person named Lawrence, and that I should come by at precisely nine a.m. to the address she had left.  I arrived at the address promptly at nine a.m. The home was in a part of town I had never been to before. It was a gated community and I was greeted at the front gate by a uniformed man who waved me by. Making my way up to the front door I was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Lawrence’s mother. So as to keep the privacy of my clients I will refer her and her husband as Mrs. Lane and Mr. Lane.  She escorted me to a family room to have a seat and wait for her husband.  After a few moments her husband entered the room and introduced himself as Lawrence’s father. He then reached out with his left hand to shake my hand. It was very awkward trying to shake hands that way. “He looked at me in a puzzled way and then switched over to extend his right hand to shake.” The couple sat down on a sofa directly across from me.   They both leaned slightly forward staring as if they were looking right through me.  I found it strange that either of them did not say a word, but just kept staring as if they expected me to open up the conversation.  I decided to start the conversation. “You left a message that your son was missing.”” Have you called the police yet?”  Mr. Lane answered “Oh no, we don’t feel that is needed right now!  “At this point we are not sure if he is any danger at all. “It’s just that he did not arrive home yesterday as he always does.  “He has not responded to our calls, and that has never happened!    When my husband calls his work number our call is declined.   Mrs. Lane informed me that Lawrence’s work involved artificial intelligence and robotics. He is currently working on a top-secret project for the Genesis 15 company.  She said that a few weeks ago he did tell   her that he had recently made a significant new discovery!  ‘It was something that he felt very uneasy talking about!”  “He would only say that it had to do with a new form of robotics being integrated with artificial intelligence and “The Cloud.” Chapter two A mission and a sense of purpose

 "So how can I help you? They both leaned slightly forward at the same time and answered; "We want you to locate Lawrence and bring him back home to us!   "However, there is something else you should know."  Some years ago, we were involved in a major accident in the state of New Mexico.  The fiery crash was so severe that the body of our daughter was never recovered.  She was a twin to Lawrence and her name was Riya.  At the time of the accident Lawrence was a child and has no memory of what happened.  However, over the past two years he finds himself increasingly drawn to the desert area to where the crash occurred.  We feel that maybe in his heart he is searching to find someone who no longer exist.  The Genesis 15 headquarters is very close to where our accident occurred several years ago.   Their story was very sad, and I felt compassion for the couple who first gave me the impression of being somewhat cold.   For a moment I thought back on my own life.  I grew up without the comfort of a true family.  I was told that my family perished in some type of accident when I was very young.  I do not have any memories or recollection of my biological family.  I was told that the crash affected my process for remembering what happened before the crash.  "Maybe my own life's experience was somewhat like Lawrence's.  Being a private investigator can sometimes be a lonely job.   It did however give me a sense of purpose.  Maybe being involved with other people’s lives would fill a spot in my own life that was missing. I continued to take notes of every detail.       Every once in a while, during my taking notes Mr. Lane would interject " Lawrence is a good boy." His wife would then follow repeating “yes Lawrence is a good boy! After about fifteen minutes, the husband opened up a small metal box with a key he held in his left hand. He lifted out a handful of new one hundred dollars bills and counted 15. He placed them in front of me on the small glass top table. "Is this enough to get you started to find our son?  Being my first case, I quickly agreed without hesitation.

 I took down the information as to where Lawrence was working that week as well as any other information that I could.  The one thing that kept me moving ahead was the fact that I had 15 clean and crisp one hundred dollars bills in my hand. I did however need more information about Lawrence.   "Is there anything else that you could tell me about your son? The man reached for a pen and paper and started to write some things down. He wrote extremely fast and did so while holding the pen in his right hand. I thought this a little strange in that he shook hands with me with his left hand. I said, “I see you are ambidextrous. Without lifting his head, he answered.  "Yes, and you are very observant Mr. Marrow and, that is why you have been selected for this mission."   That statement never left me through   the entire case and still haunts me today!    I think it was because they were so sure I would succeed.  “What if I could not locate their son?  What if he was dead, and how could I bring myself to report that kind of news to strangers who put so much trust in me?  Before I left, I asked them if they could provide me with a photo of Lawrence.  They gave me a very odd answer.  “We know what Lawrence looks like, why would we have a photo”. For a moment I figured that they just misunderstood my request. I asked the question again to which Mr. Lane replied, “you will know it is Lawrence when you meet him.”   With that being said I guess it was time for me to quit while I was ahead and leave.  I felt that the stack of written information Mr. Lane gave me should provide me with the intel I needed.   “Besides, I certainly did not want to walk away from the wad of cash Mr. Lane placed in my hand.” If felt somewhat perplexed leaving the house but overjoyed that I had a paying case.  Upon leaving the house, I decided to try to talk to some of the neighbors to get a little more information on Lawrence.  Heading back to my car I noticed a landscaper working on the property next door. I walked over and asked him if he knew anything about the young man named Lawrence. He stated   that he had seen the guy about three or four times in the past year. He described Lawrence as very stoic looking, someone who never smiled and only talks when you ask him a question.   "The funny thing about the guy is that even though I had met him before, he would walk right by me the next day and never look twice!  He would never say a word unless I said something first. "It was really weird!    It was like no one was home."  I got the impression that he was a real loner type guy.  I’m pretty sure he has some type of workshop in his garage.   When I drive by the neighborhood on weekends, I can see him through the garage window.   "A real strange guy!"   My buddy tom said that he heard that Lawrence was some kind of a genius when it came to robotic engineering.  As he continued speaking, I noticed someone peering through the window trying to listen to our conversation.   I felt it was time to leave.  As I was heading back to my car the landscaper laughingly yelled out "hey buddy!   "Be careful, I think Lawrence might turn you into a robot!"