Robot People Investigation Chapter 13.


The next thing I felt was the hand of someone waking me up.  It was Jan kneeling over me wiping  the sweat and blood from my forehead.  The sun came crashing through the open roof as I struggled to open my eyes from the blinding sunlight.  She then helped me sit up.  I asked, “What’s going on Jan, where is Tom?”  She answered that he was ok and in the other room with Trina. ”How did he get free from the tree pinning him down I asked?”  She answered,  let’s go to Tom and Trina and I will fill you in on what happened to me last night.  When we all were together, Jan said that when she got lost during the evening someone who called himself Lawrence took her by the hand and lead her to a safe spot until the storm passed. “Just before daylight he led me to the cabin.   When he saw Tom trapped, he then came in and lifted the tree pinning Tom’s foot. Without saying a word, he then just turned and left. “He was kind of a weird guy in that when  I ran into him, he just stared at me and asked if I knew where his sister was!”  The other thing that stood out to me was that he called me Jan. “How did he know my name?” 

After Jan finished her story, I thought back to what old man Gus had told Tom about his encounter with a boy named Lawrence which sounded very similar to what Jan had said. Whatever the case,  I just wanted to leave the mountain and get back to civilization as soon as possible. About 8:30 A.M.  Trina, Jan, Tom and I started to make our way down the mountain to where we had left our vehicles. Before we headed out, I asked Tom what he thought happened to the body of old man Gus that we put in the shed.  He replied that the bears most likely got to him and there was nothing we could do at this point. In that Gus was already dead there was nothing we could do except  inform the authorities when we got  back to town.

About halfway down the mountain Trina spotted a single boot shoe and several candy bar wrappers all torn to shreds  lying next to a small tree.  We knew that the boot and candy bar wrappers once belonged to  Larry.  Without anyone saying a word I guess that we all silently figured that maybe a bear got to him and dragged him off.  For the rest of the long way home we all kept our thoughts as to what transpired on the mountain to ourselves.   Each of us had a lot to digest and settle in our individual minds. Before heading to my house, I went into town and informed the Sheriff about the situation with old man Gus as well as inquire about what we thought  may have happened to Larry. Much to our relief the Sheriff informed me  that Larry made it out from the mountain without harm.  In the weeks and months that followed my friends and I eventually lost contact with each other. Time seemed to slip by quickly as the months soon turned into years.  After some time,  I heard that Trina got married and moved to California.  As far as Tom and Jan, all my attempts at communications with them were never returned. A cousin of mine  informed that he heard that Larry was alive and well and running a towing company somewhere out in New Mexico.  I do recall that Larry was always bragging that he would someday own such a  company.  As for myself,  I entered college and studied robotics and artificial intelligence programming.

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