Robot People Investigation Chapter 15.


The hardest part was that I had no one to talk to about those strange events. Those who shared that night of terror with me were no longer a part of my life.  That all changed when I took a class on artificial intelligence and met a fellow student who seemed to have similar interest.  He introduced himself as Jay.   We hit it off as friends and enjoyed talking about our mutual interest in the science of robotics. His understanding of robotics and science was astounding.  I thought it strange when he told me that he worked as a private investigator.  The real shocking news hit me when said he was hired to locate a missing man named Lawrence.  He then reached into his pocket and   handed me his business card which read; Agent Jay Marrow! That was the name old Gus said the rancher saw on a silver plate out in the desert after the second UFO crash in New Mexico. Needless to say, I was in somewhat of a shock.  This was no coincidence!

“I quickly realized that my  story did not end when I left that isolated mountain in Vermont several years ago. It was just the beginning…” The ongoing story will continue in part two of;    “Investigation of the Robot People”

Robot People Investigation part two is a fast moving and riveting continuation story as told by special agent Jay Marrow who is hired to find the missing passengers of a UFO crash. One of the survivors who assumes the name of "Lawrence" helps the Genesis 15 company develop a new super-human implantable microchip that will allow a human to be integrated as one with the cloud. The advanced robots are programmed to assimilate human behavior as they interact with humans. Back at the Genesis 15 headquarters a power-hungry employee named Larry of Genesis 15 breaks into the high security lab and implants himself with the microchip that will allow him to become one with the cloud! The story continues to unfold as the power grid fails… Check out the full story now!

“Investigation of the Robot People”