Robot People Investigation Chapter 10.


Before I passed out, I could feel myself being lifted off the ground. I was then being carried down the bumpy trail in a rather fast gait. With one eye open I could see a tiny bluish light flashing off to the side of the trail. It seemed to be running alongside as we moved down the mountain trail. The next thing I heard was the sound of a door being kicked open and hearing a loud scream from Trina and a loud gun shot.  I felt myself being dropped to the floor and could see Larry pointed a handgun towards the open door.  “Larry shot the man who carried me down the mountain!  It was the old man Gus!”  My eyes continued to be blurred by the sweat and blood dripping down my forehead. I struggled to keep from drifting into unconsciousness.  Amid the constant sobbing cries from Trina I sensed that old man Gus was dead!

I struggled to keep myself from drifting off into unconsciousness.  “Just in time, Tom came in from the back door and tackled Larry to the ground trying to get the gun away from him!  In the background Trina kept sobbing and repeating, “I want to go home, I want to go home!” I finally regained my strength and pulled myself up.  Tom yelled out, “Has anyone  seen Jan yet? The room fell silent.  Apparently, Jan was still missing somewhere in the mountain. Once Tom had the gun away from Larry things began to quiet down.  Larry tried to explain that he shot old man Gus because he thought that Gus was trying to kill me.  I responded, “That old man carried me down the mountain was carrying me to safety, what made you think that he was going to hurt me?” “I don’t know buddy, it’s just that he looked like some kind of crazy nut when he came in the door.  I also saw that you had blood dripping down your forehead.  “What was I supposed to do? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m out of here!  Time for me to make my exit home.  Tom yelled back, “You can’t leave, we have to find Jan first! We came here together, and we are  all leaving  together. We have to stick together. “What do you think we are going to do about the dead guy you killed?  We just can’t leave him here.  Larry answered, not my problem Tom. The guy is dead in your house.  Besides you are the one holding the gun. Why don’t we just put him outside for the bears to take care of. ​ Hearing that remark  enraged  Tom.   He then  wacked Larry across the back of his head with the butt of the gun he was holding. Larry fell to the floor clutching his wound and in a low voice turned to Tom and said, “You will pay for that friend!”  He then picked himself up and stepping over the dead body in the doorway ran out into the dark night.  Tom and I figured that he was going to try to find his way home. Tom turned to me and said that Larry will never find his way back down the mountain without a flashlight.  The twisting trails went off into many directions and the bears were coming out of hibernation.  We then decided to put the body of old man Gus into the shed for the night.

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