Robot People Investigation Chapter 11.


After we put the dead body of old Gus into the shed, we came back to the cabin to try to figure a plan to search to Jan.  It was about 1:05 A.M  and we started to  hear thunder in the distance. It appeared that a fast-moving storm was heading our way. Tom said that fast moving storms were a common occurrence  this time of year. Heavy thunder and lighting storms would pop up suddenly and sometimes continue for days. Unfortunately for us, it appeared that the storm would be at our doorway within the hour. We had to find Jan before the storm hit us. We decided to head out  back towards where we last saw Jan.  Before we left the cabin, I told Tom to make sure he took the gun with him in case we ran into a bear in the dark night. When he checked the gun’s chamber, he found that there were only two bullets left.  Tom suggested that we head back to the shed and check the pockets of old man Gus. Maybe he had some additional bullets on him.  I then went out to the shed where we took the body to check Gus’s pocket for some bullets. Much to my surprise when I got into the shed the body was no longer there.  “How could he be gone? He was shot and we thought for sure that he was dead. Dead men just don’t get up and walk away! I tried to reason that maybe a bear got into the shed and dragged cabin. When I told Tom that the body was missing, he just shrugged it off.  I think that his concern for Jan overpowered his frame of mind him out.  I thought to myself, if that was so, why was the door to the shed closed? I don’t think a bear would have done that!

1:47 a.m.

 As we started to leave the cabin the thunder and lighting, along with heavy rain came upon us.  It was dangerous and fruitless for us to head out in the heavy storm to search for Jan.  Our hope was that she found a safe haven somewhere along the mountains trail.  Tom said that there were many small rock outcroppings that could provide a safe shelter.  Maybe Jan was safe in one of them.  After about a half an hour, we heard what sounded like scratching and tapping on the back door of the cabin.    I took the gun from Tom and slowly headed for the door.  Tom followed close behind and cautioned me that it could be a bear trying to get into the cabin. As we passed a small window on the side wall of the room, I noticed what appeared to be a tiny blue light flashing in the woods. It was the same tiny blue light that I remember seeing back when I fell on the trail. As I was trying to get my focus my thoughts on what I just saw, the sound of loud thunder and flashes of lightning surrounded the cabin. The storm was getting worse by the minute. The wind was so intense that it shook the small cabin.  Just before we got to the back door of the cabin, we heard a loud crash of a falling tree landing on the roof. Water leaks began springing up everywhere.  The wind intensified causing the heavy tree to slowly continue falling through the roof.  Within seconds it came crashing down and landing within about two feet to where we were.  The falling tree shook the cabin causing Tom and I to fall to the floor. The outside generator must have been hit as well when the tree fell in that all of the cabin lights went out instantly. The cabin became engulfed in total darkness. Our greatest fear became a reality when the back-cabin door swung  open and   a small baby brown bear cub entered into the cabin.  I knew that mama bear would be close behind.   I yelled out to Tom to hand me the gun.  “He yelled back, “I don’t have it, I dropped it when the tree came down!” The sounds of  swirling wind,  dripping water and Trina crying loudly in the other room filled me with a gripping fear. In the darkness of the cabin I could sense the brown bear cub coming closer to me.  Every once in a while, she would let out a whimpering cry calling for her mother. "That was not good!"

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