Robot People Investigation Chapter 14.


About fifteen years had passed  I received an unexpected invitation in the mail.  It was an invitation to our high school reunion.  The reunion was to be held sometime after Thanksgiving at a local pub.  I thought of attending a high school reunion sounded good.   It would be great   catching up with some of my old friends.  Soon enough the night of the reunion arrived. In that it was fifteen years since I last saw my high school friends, I did feel a little nervous entering the dinner club. I suppose that everyone has a little bit of  both anticipation and fear about those reunions. Mostly because we are to self-conscious about the way we  may have changed.  Some looked great while others seemed to have aged more than others. The funny thing was that the guys who were the tough guys did not look so fearful anymore. Trina was there alone. Apparently,  her marriage did not go well, and she got divorced after three years.  Tom and Jan were not in attendance.  However,  much to my surprise Larry was there. As usual he was holding court and bragging about his successful towing business out in New Mexico. I made it my point to not even look in his direction and stay clear of him the remaining evening.  After about two hours I decided to leave the party and head back to my hotel room.  It was a restless night for me.  Seeing Trina and Larry brought me back to that eventful night atop the mountain in Vermont.

As I tried to fall asleep that night, I found myself pondering the story Tom told us about the encounter he had with old man Gus when Tom was about twelve years old. In the story, Gus said he encountered a boy by the name of Lawrence who was being chased in the woods by two government agents. I also thought back to when Jan said that someone by the name of Lawrence took her to safety the night of the storm.  Jan also  said that it was the same boy who removed the tree that pinned Toms foot.  Maybe old Gus was not so crazy after all. As I thought about those things, the story that old Gus told Tom made more sense in that both he and Pam both had an interaction with the boy. Even more coincidental was the fact the boy named Lawrence somehow knew their names and spoke something about searching for his sister. Although I tried to forget the past, I  could not come to terms or make sense out of the string of events we all encountered that night on the mountain. Every now and then I thought back to when I saw what looked like a tiny blue flashing light which seemed to be running alongside the trail the night I fell. 

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