Robot People Investigation Chapter 2.

On a beautiful summer night in July we all decided to head out  and star gaze.  "This is when our twilight zone experience became real!" While we all started to head up the mountain side  Tom would remind us to watch out for the bears!  In a stern and  authoritative voice, he would say, "This is bear territory, and they do come out at night!"  Turning to Larry he then said that bears were especially fond of sweet things like chocolate.   Tom’s  comment  about bears coming out at night did make the rest of us feel a little uncomfortable about our surroundings.  It sorts of put a damper on things.  As we continued up the rocky trail, I made sure to direct my flashlight in all directions to be on the lookout.  Tom thought it was funny, and from time to time he would repeat his dire warning about the bears.  “I am sure it was funny to him but scared the pants off of the rest of us!”


As we continued walking up the dark trail I stopped for a moment and  scanned my flashlight towards a cliff area,  "I saw something that scared the daylights out of me!  In the distant cliff ahead,  my beam of light was flashing directly into the face of what looked like a bearded old man!  It looked as if he was sitting on the rock cliff looking down on us.  I called out, "Hey Tom,  do you see that old guy up there sitting on the cliff?  He just laughed and said, “You are seeing things buddy,  we are the only ones living on this mountain.  "Although, there was an old timer who lived about a quarter mile from where our place is.  I’m not sure what happened to him, but I think he died a few years ago. I think your just seeing things! "Hey,  maybe it's a bear, you better run buddy!” Trina took his advice seriously and started to run back towards the cabin. Without her own flashlight, she only got about twenty feet away from us.  I headed down to where she was crying alone and convinced her to rejoin us. “But, what about the bears?  “I’m scared, didn’t you hear what Tom said!?  I tried to calm her down by telling her that Tom was just kidding.  However, I do know that there are a lot of bears in the mountains of Vermont.  I just tried to convince her that we were safe.

Once we got back to the group, I pointed my flashlight towards the cliff direction again. "There was no sign of an old man, just an empty rock cliff!   Maybe I was just a little too tired from the long day of hiking.  After we reached a summit point, we finally found a nice spot to sit and  enjoy the view.  It was an incredible  sight to see the milky-way and the occasional shooting stars.  We decided to light a campfire and hang out for a while. I asked Tom to tell me about the old dead guy that use to live on the mountain “Ok, I will tell you the story, but it is kind of a weird story and you probably won’t believe me!”  “But first we have to share this last joint I have!”  Tom lit it up and we all shared some hits.  After the joint was done Tom began to tell us the story.

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