Robot people investigation Chapter 3.


A few years back, some people from a government agency came up to the mountain and began to confiscate  a section of the mountain.  It was done under the emanate domain policy. They would not say why they needed the land or what they intended to do with it.  “My dad said that they were building some kind of military base for top secret projects.  This particular mountain was ideal in that it was one of the most remote sections of  Vermont.  The area became a high security base.  There were signs everywhere stating that anyone caught trespassing or anywhere near the base would be shot on site. Apparently, the section of land they confiscated belonged to an old guy named Gus.  He did not want to move and refused to leave.  My dad said that the guy would camp out alone in the area where we are now. He would spend his time spying on what was going on at the base.  I think he was caught and probably sent off to jail or killed by the security people. The only thing I know about him was that his name was Gus and he lived alone. “Correction, When I  said that I thought he died  I was only guessing. The fact is, he could still be alive and living in these mountains today!  It’s just that no one has ever mentioned seeing him over the last few years.  Maybe he is still alive living somewhere in this mountain!  I only met him once in my life and he scared the daylights out of me! I was about twelve years old at the time. 

My encounter with him happened in the fall season while I was   hiking on this very trail alone.  The fall season is a great time to be up here in Vermont.  The foliage is a fantastic sight to see!  You would not believe all the different colors that light up the whole mountain. “Anyway, as I was heading home from my hike, I would hear some movement in the bushes alongside the trail.  I figured that maybe it was a bear, so I started to run fast down the rocky trail. As I made a turn along a bend I fell and stumbled down about ten feet or so.  When I came to a stop on the ground, I found myself facing a pair of old army boots. It was old man Gus standing right in front of me. He grabbed me by my left arm and pulled me up.  I came face to face with him and he scared the life out of me. He was wearing an old torn army jacket with sergeant stripes and had a large army knife strapped to his side. I figured that he was going to kill me for sure.

He stared coldly at me for about a minute or so never saying a word! He then jabbed me in the chest with his boney finger and asked me if I knew a boy named Lawrence.    “I was so scared that my words would not come out.  I just shook my head no!  He then started to ramble something about people living inside the military base on the mountain and how they stole his land.”  As he continued talking, he kept on jabbing me with his finger as if I was not listening to him.  “I got something to show you boy!”  You best be listening to me; you hear me boy!   I just kept nodding my head in agreement. I figured that he had to be crazy and might hurt me.  The fact that he had a very large army knife strapped to his side only added to my fear. After he finally let go of my left arm, he then reached into a pouch strapped to his shoulder and pulled out a crumbled, piece of paper.

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