Robot People Investigation Chapter 4.

He stared coldly at me for about a minute or so never saying a word! He then jabbed me in the chest with his boney finger and asked me if I knew a boy named Lawrence.    “I was so scared that my words would not come out.  I just shook my head no!  He then started to ramble something about people living inside the military base on the mountain and how they stole his land.”  As he continued talking, he kept on jabbing me with his finger as if I was not listening to him.  “I got something to show you boy!”  You best be listening to me; you hear me boy!   I just kept nodding my head in agreement. I figured that he had to be crazy and might hurt me.  The fact that he had a very large army knife strapped to his side only added to my fear. After he finally let go of my left arm, he then reached into a pouch strapped to his shoulder and pulled out a crumbled, piece of paper.

He handed the crumbled paper to me and said, “Now read that boy, and tell me what you think it is! My eyes aren’t what they use to be, so tell me what you think it says!  I looked at it and said, “Sir, it really doesn’t say a whole lot, it just looks like some kind of  seal that says “Genesis 15 on it.  He then grabbed the paper from my hand and yelled back, “that’s what I thought! Do you know what that means boy?  “No, I don’t sir.   “Well listen up and don’t you forget it!  A few years back I was in the military myself out in Roswell New Mexico. Do you know where that is boy?  No sir I don’t. “What do you mean you don’t know where it is,  are you some kind of an idiot?  You kids are  all stupid today!  Don’t your parents teach you anything?  Kids are stupid today because all they do is watch TV and play video games.  “Well listen up and I’ll try to smarten you up!  When I was stationed out in Roswell, there was some kind of crash that  occurred out in the desert.  A lot of people said it was a UFO.  Well, Gus don’t belief in that crap!  But I was there at the crash site  and I saw the what looked like body’s being taken away from the  site.  And the  one thing for sure was that those bodies did not look human to me.  From that day on everything concerning that crash site was kept secret.  “You want to know what I think kid?  I think that maybe one or more of those bodies were alive and  they were keeping them in a building out there in area 51”   I’ll tell you something else!  After some time, the government came here to this mountain, stole my land and built some kind of secret base.  There was a big company under the name of Genesis 15 that came with them.  If you put the number 15 backwards it’s 51.  I figure its code for Area 51.  I heard that The Genesis 15 company  were working on artificial intelligence and robotics.  I figure that those military people along with Genesis 15 took my land to put those aliens in  one of the buildings  and are doing some kind of top-secret shenanigans with them.

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