Robot People Investion Chapter 6.

In the months that followed some of the locals did report that they would see a man wondering around in the desert area from time to time. The local officials said that it was probably a vagrant passing through.  Whatever the case, my enlistment ended, and I came back to my mountain home up here in the wilderness of Vermont for peace and quiet. I had a pretty good life up here until those dang government people and the Genesis 15 company came and stole my land! “I’ll tell you something else kid, and you better listen.   Right after the Genesis 15 company finished their base here, I hid close by and did some spying.  No one knows this mountain like old Gus does.  I have been living up here since I was a young boy like you.  I know every secret hiding place and those military fellows will never find me. One day I was hiding and spying on them and I noticed a young boy sitting alone in a gated area in back of one of the buildings.  Each time I saw him, there were  two men carrying rifles in the same area. I felt bad for the lad in that he just sat alone. Over the next month or so I would see that same boy being escorted to the gated area and just sitting alone. 

One day I heard alarms going off and I saw the kid running up towards where I was.  I never saw anyone run so fast!  When he came up to where I was hiding, he just stared at me without saying a word.  It was like he was staring right through me! He was kind of an odd-looking boy. I can’t put my finger on it, but it was that the coloring of his face and arms were very odd.  I asked him what his name was, and  he said it was Lawrence Lane.  I asked him if he was alright. The answer he gave me was very strange.   He looked at me never blinking his eyes and said, “I don’t know what you mean Gus!  My name is not  alright, I am Lawrence and I am looking for my sister!  They won’t let me see her. Can you help me mister Gus?  My sister is  inside the building and alone.  The men chasing him suddenly came up to where we were. The kid continued to stare at me with a blank look on his face and  then just turned and took a leap of about six feet to an overhanging bolder. I then saw him lift a log about seven feet long and fling it into the pathway of the pursuing men. “How the hell could this kid be so strong?”  When I looked up at him his face seemed to have glistened in the sun, almost like a reflector. I know my eyes aren’t what they use to be, but I know what I saw.   I also noticed a pea sized blue light flashing from the left side of his shoulder.  I think that maybe it was some kind of new phone gizmo. The men pursuing him ran right passed me trying to catch him in vain.

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