Robot People Investigation Chapter 7.

I figured that it was time for me to get the hell out of there before they came back to grab me.  Ever since that time I never saw the kid again.  I figure he is probable an adult by now. “I’m not sure what he meant when he said that he asked me to help him find his sister.  I thought maybe his parents worked and lived  there while working on a top-secret project. The one thing I could never forget about that kid was the way he just stared right through me.  It was as if he was studying me. The other thing that I could not understand was the fact that he knew my name was Gus! Ever since those no-good government people  took my land, I have kept on spying on them.  I figure that they moved those alien bodies from area 51 to their new complex here.  Every once in a while, I see some blue lights coming in close at night and then disappear as fast as they came.  I think it’s an alien craft on a rescue mission to retrieve those bodies in the complex.  I think maybe  those aliens  in there are alive.   “By the way kid, are you sure that you don’t know Lawrence?” I answered, no sir I don’t!  My folks and I are the only family living on this mountain and I never ran into any other kids up here!  “If I do see him do you want me to tell him that you are looking for him?  Gus then jabbed his finger into my chest and said, “Of course not you idiot, do you think I want those Government agents who were chasing him  lock me up? “Now get the hell out of here before I kick you in the ass!”

Tom’s story was pretty incredible and sounded very believable.  It was a lot to take in and when he finished, we all decided to head back to the cabin. On the way back towards the cabin  Larry told us that he had an uncle  out in New Mexico who had a business that was not too far from the Roswell incident.  He said that  his uncle owned a towing company and that someday he would be moving out there and taking over the business. We didn’t pay much attention to what Larry was saying in that we figured it was just another one of his bragging stories.  As we continued to walk down the rocky twisting trail Jan suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and screamed! "Did you see that?" In that I was following her so close, I bumped into her hitting my chin on the back of her head.  Her ear-piercing scream made me forget about my chin. She stood motionless pointing in the direction to where the cabin was located.   “Did you guys see that?

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