Robot People Investigation Chapter 8.

Looking into the direction as to where she was pointing, we could see a bright flashing light.  The lights appeared to be a light blue tone. Within a few seconds we heard what sounded like a crash.  Without question, everyone was startled.  We thought that maybe a small plane or helicopter had crashed.    We all rushed down towards the flashing lights!   As we came closer,  the lights became brighter and brighter.  It was a hurtful blinding light that made us all turn away.  I could hear a low humming sound which seemed to have a throbbing like beat  coming from the area to where the lights were.   "Suddenly out of nowhere, the lights and the sound were instantly gone!   We all just stood there in disbelief as to what we just experienced.

As we got close to the cabin, it looked as if nothing ever transpired there. " No sign of a crash!    With Tom leading the way, we all made a quick dash for the cabin door.  I yelled to Tom to  put the lights on.   Tom scream out, "Is everyone Ok?"   My chin did hurt a little from having bumped into the back of Jan's head, but the excitement as to what we just witnessed took the sting away.  After Tom got all the cabin lights turned on, he seemed to look bewildered.  He then yelled out  "Where is Jan?"  I don't see her anywhere.  "Does anyone know where Jan is?"    "I answered, "I thought she was right behind you Tom!   In fact,  "I hit my chin on her head when she stopped and screamed! Tom began running frantically through the cabin and then outside yelling her name.   No response.  "Please, everyone be still, listen if you hear her.   The only sound we heard was the  sound  of the summer bugs filling the midnight air and Larry chopping loudly on a candy bar. Larry then let out a loud burp and said, “I’m sure she is ok, maybe she took a wrong turn coming down the trail, let’s just sit back and wait for her? Tom flashed back, “Why you selfish little fart!  My girlfriend could be lost or injured and all you want to do is fill your  face with candy and sit and wait! “I ought to throw you outside in the dark for the bears.  I’m sure they would like to lick the chocolate off your fat ass face!

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