Robot People Investigation Chapter 9.


Tom and I decided to then head back up the trail and look for her!   Before we left the cabin, I could see Trina curled up in a corner crying. "I want to go home" please, someone take me home!"   She kept on repeating herself with no regard as to  what may have happened to Jan.  “I got up right in her face and said, no one is going anywhere sweetheart until we find Jan!”  "If you want to cry please stay in the cabin and cry alone! She just kept on sobbing and insisting that she wanted to go home.  I decided that it would  be best if Larry stayed at the cabin with Trina while  Tom and I searched for Jan. As we started to head up the trail my flashlight started going dim. Unfortunately, I did not have spare batteries with me.  The trail became darker as we ascended up the winding trail deeper into the heavy woods. After about forty-five minutes Tom informed me that we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.  Without a flashlight we were totally lost.   I grabbed Tom by the shirt and yelled, “I thought you knew this mountain!”  What are going to do now?  I then felt a push on my back which knocked me down causing me to stumble down the trail for about ten feet or so. When I got up Tom was no longer with me.  I yelled his name several times and did not receive a response.  In the bushes alongside the trail I could hear what sounded like  someone running through the brush. It suddenly hit me that this mountain was bear territory.  I felt  totally defenseless and alone!

The night was now turning into an official nightmare.  For a moment I wondered if the joint Tom shared with us was some kind of strain that was making me dream all this or was this happening for real. Whatever the case, I was scared!  What made matters worse was the fact that someone did shove me down and I did hear the sounds of someone running through the brush hidden along the trail.  As  I  lay on my back trying to recover from the fall, I realized that I scrapped my head and was bleeding.   I could feel the blood and sweat from my forehead streaming into my eyes making in difficult for me to see clearly.  I could also hear the sound of bushes along the trail snapping as if someone or something was running in my direction. Once again, I figured that it was a bear. After a few moments the sound suddenly stopped and whatever it was, I sensed that it was standing right in back of me. Still lying on my back, I turned, and my right hand came into contact with what felt like a boot. As I looked up through my blurry vision, I could make out what looked like an old man standing inches from me. As I drifted off into a semi state of consciousness, I knew that it was the old man I saw sitting on the rock cliff when we started to ascend the mountain.

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