Robot people investigation

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“A chilling story of strange encounters and terror as witnessed by five teenage friends who venture out to a lonely isolated mountain in Vermont…”​ I saw what I saw, even if you don't believe me.  The story you are about to read is of the events that my friends and I experienced on a dark and lonely night atop a mountain in Vermont. Whether you choose to believe this story as fact is your decision alone.

It all began on a warm mid-summer evening  when some friends and I were out for a night of stargazing the milky way on a desolate mountain  in Vermont.  It was the first time I had ever seen such a star lit sky.  "We  also saw and experienced some things that were straight out of the twilight zone!  People who report that they have seen UFO’S and other strange encounters in the night are often ridiculed.  “For most folks I suppose that it’s just  human nature to not accept anything we cannot  see, feel, touch or experience for ourselves.”  Based on what we consider as truth, each of us  must make our own decision on what is real and what is not real.  With that being said, the story you are about to read is based on the chilling events my friends and I experienced on an isolated dark mountain in Vermont.  At the time of our experience we were  a group of  high school students out for a night of fun.   The string of fast-moving events we encountered  that evening are as follows;

July. 18th.  10:30 p.m. 

A group of   friends and I were invited to spend a weekend at a mutual friend’s log cabin in Vermont.   The cabin was owned by my friend Tom and had been in his  family for generations.  It was located on a secluded mountain and was a great place to get back to nature.   Aside from myself, the group included Tom, his girlfriend Jan, a mutual friend named Trina, and a very annoying guy named Larry who invited himself.  We were all from the same neighborhood and went to school together, except for Trina who attended a prestigious private school.  Trina’s parents were very wealthy, and she was the only one in our group who never had a job.  Her grandfather was a state senator and I guess you could say that   Trina lived a privileged life. Her only concerns in life were to make sure that her hair always looked good and her sneakers were the latest style.

Larry was somewhat of an outsider. He was a lot shorter than the other kids his age and did get picked on by some of the other guys at school.  He tried to overcome looking so short by wearing his hair all puffed up on the top.  Larry really tried hard to fit in with the crowd. It seemed that the harder he tried; the more people didn’t like him.   One of the older kids started calling him little Larry and the nickname stayed with him through high school. Larry loved to brag, and I guess he thought that he was impressing people.  Unfortunately,  the more he bragged the more he offended people. As a result, most of the crowd at school just tried to  keep away from him.  Larry was that one kid in the neighborhood that would change Halloween costumes twice so he could go back to each house and get more candy.  He loved his candy and was always chopping on some kind of chocolate bar.  The one thing Larry was good at was fixing cars.  His uncle owned a very successful auto towing business somewhere in New Mexico.  Larry  was always bragging that one day he  would be the guy owning the business. In a way, I felt bad for him with all the teasing he endured from the other guys. In spite of that, Larry always seemed to just hang in there.  He just  wanting to be a part of the crowd. The fact that he invited himself to come along with us that weekend was something we all just had to put up with.  I think the best thing to do was to just let Larry be himself and not let his bragging get to you!

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