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A note to my fellow authors/narrators and those who serve the writers community from American author a.j. Lombardi...

As a new author, I have spent many hours writing, making corrections, rewriting, including designing book covers to turn my first ebooks into paperback books and audio/audible books. Once those steps are complete, the real challenge for self-published authors begins in marketing to achieve sales. Unless your books go viral overnight or you get a publishing contract, marketing can become a challenge. For those of us who do not have literary agents, a publishing contract, or large book companies to market our works, we must travel the road all writers travel, which is self-marketing. Having gone through this several times myself, which includes spending money on unscrupulous advertising that leads nowhere and spending countless hours sending out queries to agents, it can be very frustrating!  For my own works, I have learned the hard way that the best-proven avenue has been Target Marketing.

Target Marketing works! In simple terms, it means getting your self-published books in front of those looking for what you have to offer. As a former SEO specialist/website designer I know what it takes to bring in a targeted market. With that being said I decided to build this website for the purpose of marketing my own works. However, as I began the groundwork I began to realize that other authors could use a boost to get their works more exposure.    


Unlike the many large book marketplace platforms with hundreds of thousands of books, this new website will limit the number of listings.  This will give your works better exposure without all the heavy competition.  It will be an easy-to-navigate platform for visitors to browse and find the books/audibles and helpful resources they are looking for.  Most importantly this website will be free of all bothersome click ads/display, ads/pop-ups, constant sales pitches that only prove to be a distraction to the visitor browsing for what they came for - (BOOKS and informative help for authors).  ​


Any sales from your ebooks, paperback books, audio/audible books are between you, your customer, and the website of purchase which in most cases is Amazon/ACX Audible./Amazon kindle/iTunes/Google books/Barnes and noble...This website is only a platform for advertising your works and does not receive any form of payment for the sale of your works.

Please note that this offer is for authors/narrators to promote their links to purchase sites such as ACX audible/Amazon kindle/Google books/iTunes books/Barnes and Noble/Lu Lu...Ghostwriters/illustrators.   Links to promote websites/personal offer advertising are prohibited.

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