A True Ski trip story

 If only I had a cell phone camera back then!

by a. j. Lombardi Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved


In my teenage years the style was as mix of long hair, ripped jeans, bell bottoms, black leather jackets, and black Mondo boots with taps for guys. “By the way, you  would never button the leather jacket so you would look cool.” Around sometime in December, the local church offered us  kids a chance to go on a ski trip up in New Hampshire.  “Even though not one of us ever skied before, my punk friends and I thought it would be a lot of fun!  


About thirty boys and girls came together on a snowy winter night in the church parking lot.  We loaded the bus and headed off to our adventure.  I remember that Jim Morison and the Doors were the hot band at the time. Upon arrival to our destination, we all settled down at an old New England Inn.  The next day we loaded up on the bus and headed off to the largest mountain I had ever seen in my life.  The guy at the ski shop issued each of us a pair of skis. Even though I never skied before in my life, the ding dong fool issued me a pair of skis that were about seven feet long!


“What a sight it must have been!  A bunch of punk teenagers wearing open black leather jackets, no hats or gloves and cigarettes lapped on our ears.”  I forgot to mention black leather Mondo boots with taps. I remember the ski lift taking me up to the top of the mountain.  Getting off at the very top I looked down the ninety degree pitched mountain that appeared about ten miles long!   “Unfortunately, there was only one way, straight down!!!


“As I said, I had never been on skis before in my life. With wide open black leather jacket, no gloves or hat and a Marlboro cigarette lapped on my right ear I headed straight down the mountain at two hundred miles an hour. I  finally crashed into a bunch of bales of hay at the bottom.” The only regret I have is that cell phones with video or camera were not invented!  “I can’t imagine how stupid I must have looked!”