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(The way we were the way we are)


Today was the big day indeed. It was Toby’s first day at Larson Junior High, and he really didn’t know what to expect. He was sort of excited and fearful all at the same time. Toby had heard some rumors about a rough crowd at the junior high. There were some real tough guys like the infamous Taskorinni brothers. He heard someone once say that the oldest brother Vinny drove a motorcycle to school and could even beat up teachers! The Taskorinni brothers looked like the kind of guys who would beat you up for a quarter. You could tell that they were in love with their black leather jackets and  wore them summer, winter, spring and fall. Rudy was the smallest of the three Taskorinni brothers and was earnestly working on his free tuition to “Duntzville University.” Nick Taskorinni was the second oldest of the brothers. Nick was very self conscious about his unibrow  thick eyebrows which made him  look like a grown up version of Eddy Munster.  All the kids at school would say, “Don’t look or laugh at Nick’s eyebrows! If he catches you, he will beat you up!” If you looked at him for any reason, he would yell, “Kid, what are you looking at? You want a beating or something?”


Nick didn’t believe in homework. He spent most of his free time stealing candy bars from other student’s lunches and bumming  cigarettes.  We will talk about oldest brother Vinny and  the infamous Taskorinni brothers in more detail a little later in our story.   When it came to the Taskorinni brothers,  just make sure to go the other way when they were walking down the school corridor!  Other infamous school characters included  the notorious bubble gum popping hyena   Donna Shanneenee and her gang.  Donna was the cheesiest girl in the school! She was as cheesy as the day is long. A poster girl for a trailer park named after Willy Nelson. Donna’s gang of  cheesy friends included  Loretta Scootsman and Debbie  DeLa Qwa Qwa.  Debbie   was an Amelia airhead with a memory bank in the English language department that had a zero balance. The only thing missing on her was two teeth on the side of her mouth. Then there was Loretta Scootsman. Her claim to shame, I mean fame, was that she once starred in a TV commercial for canker sore lip balm. These girls were cartoon characters that broke away from a discontinued comic book that no one ever read.  The one thing cheese ball ringleader Donna knew how to do was to give wimpy students her famous wedgy wedgomatic.  As our story moves on you will see what happens to wimpy Toby and his friends when they meet up with Donna and her cheesy gang in the school corridor and then begin their many life changing adventures...

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Chapter 1.  The way we were the way we are

Chapter 2.  The boy with the beard

Chapter 3.  Bada bing  bada boom

Chapter 4.  I met Mr. Spock

Chapter 5.  Coach Freeman’s words of wisdom

Chapter 6.  Little Molly and the Taskorinni family

Chapter 7.  The open shade and the ring

Chapter 8.  The cheesiest girls at school

Chapter 9.  A girl named Sunolo

Chapter 10. Joseph and the dream

Chapter 11. To run with bulls

Chapter 12. Danke shoen part one

Chapter 13. Ah koolish it is good

Chapter 14. A country fair

Chapter 15. Goodbye to June

Chapter 16. Danke shoen part two – a time gone by

Chapter 17. Figiton’s valley

Chapter 18. The Straight “O” Way Express