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"A chilling story of strange encounters and terror as witnessed by five teenage friends who venture out to a lonely isolated mountain in Vermont..."


Chapter 1. A Night Of Stargazing


"My name is Sam, I saw what I saw, even if you don't believe me. The story you are about to read is about the events that my friends and I experienced on a dark and lonely night atop a mountain in Vermont. Whether you choose to believe this story as factor fiction is your decision alone.


It all began on a warm mid-summer evening when some friends and I were out for a night of stargazing the milky way on a lonely mountain in Vermont. It was the first time I had ever seen such a star-lit sky. "We also saw and experienced some things that were straight out of the twilight zone! People who report that they have seen UFO'S and other strange encounters in the night are often ridiculed. "For most folks, I suppose that it's just human nature to not accept anything we cannot see, feel, touch, or experience for ourselves." Based on what we consider truth, each must decide what is real and what is not real. With that being said, the story you are about to read is based on the chilling events my friends and I experienced on an isolated dark mountain in Vermont. At the time of our experience, we were a group of high school students out for a night of fun. The string of fast-moving events we encountered that evening are as follows;


July. 18th. 10:30 p.m.


A group of friends and I were invited to spend a weekend at a mutual friend's log cabin in Vermont. The cabin was owned by my friend Tom and had been in his family for generations. It was located on a secluded mountain and was a great place to get back to nature. Aside from myself, the group included Tom, his girlfriend Jan, a mutual friend named Trina, and a very annoying guy named Larry invited himself. We were all from the same neighborhood and went to school together, except for Trina, who attended a prestigious private school. Trina's parents were very wealthy, and she was the only one in our group who never had a job. Her grandfather was a state senator, and I guess you could say that Trina lived a privileged life. Her only concerns in life were to make sure that her hair always looked good and her sneakers were the latest style.  Larry was somewhat of an outsider. He was a lot shorter than the other kids his age and did get picked on by some of the other guys at school. He tried to overcome looking so short by wearing his hair all puffed up on the top. Larry really tried hard to fit in with the crowd. It seemed that the harder he tried, the more people didn't like him.


One of the older kids started calling him little Larry and the nickname stayed with him through high school. Larry loved to brag, and I guess he thought that he impressed people. Unfortunately, the more he boasted, the more he offended people. As a result, most of the crowd at school just tried to keep away from him. Larry was that one kid in the neighborhood that would change Halloween costumes twice so he could go back to each house and get more candy. He loved his candy and was always chopping on some kind of chocolate bar. The one thing Larry was good at was fixing cars. His uncle owned a very successful auto towing business somewhere in New Mexico. Larry was always bragging that one day he would be the guy owning the business. In a way, I felt bad for him with all the teasing he endured from the other guys. In spite of that, Larry always seemed to just hang in there. He just wants to be a part of the crowd. The fact that he invited himself to come along with us that weekend was something we all just had to put up with. I think the best thing to do was to just let Larry be himself and not let his bragging get to you!


Chapter 2. Watch Out For The Bears


On a beautiful summer night in July, we all decided to head out and stargaze. "This is when our twilight zone experience became real!" While we all started to head up the mountainside, Tom would remind us to watch out for the bears! In a stern and authoritative voice, he would say, "This is bear territory, and they do come out at night!" Turning to Larry, he then said that bears were especially fond of sweet things like chocolate. Tom's comment about bears coming out at night did make the rest of us feel a little uncomfortable about our surroundings. It sorts of put a damper on things. As we continued up the rocky trail, I made sure to direct my flashlight in all directions to be on the lookout. Tom thought it was funny, and from time to time, he would repeat his dire warning about the bears. "I am sure it was funny to him but scared the pants off of the rest of us!"  As we continued walking up the dark trail. I stopped for a moment and scanned my flashlight towards a cliff area, "I saw something that scared the daylights out of me! In the distant cliff ahead, my beam of light was flashing directly into the face of what looked like a bearded old man! It looked as if he was sitting on the rock cliff looking down on us.


I called  out, "Hey Tom, do you see that old guy up there sitting on the cliff? Tom just laughed and said, "You are seeing things, buddy. We are the only ones living on this mountain.  Although, There was an old-timer who lived about a quarter-mile from where our place is. I'm not sure what happened to him, but I think he died a few years ago. I think you are just seeing things! Hey, maybe it's a bear. You better run, buddy!" Trina took his advice seriously and started to run back towards the cabin. Without her own flashlight, she only got about twenty feet away from us. I headed down to where she was crying alone and convinced her to rejoin us. "But, what about the bears? I'm scared, didn't you hear what Tom said!? I tried to calm her down by telling her that Tom was just kidding. However, I do know that there are a lot of bears in the mountains of Vermont. I just tried to convince her that we were safe.


Once we got back to the group. I pointed my flashlight towards the cliff direction again. There was no sign of an old man, just an empty rock cliff! Maybe I was just a little too tired from the long day of hiking. After we reached a summit point, we finally found a nice spot to sit and enjoy the view. It was an incredible sight to see the milky-way and the occasional shooting stars. We decided to light a campfire and hang out for a while. I asked Tom to tell me about the old dead guy that used to live on the mountain. "Ok, I will tell you the story, but it is kind of a weird story, and you probably won't believe me!" But first, we have to share this last joint I have!" Tom lit it up, and we all shared some hits. After the joint was done, Tom began to tell us the story.


Chapter 3. Loner Named Gus

"A few years back, some people from a government agency came up to the mountain and began to confiscate a section of the mountain. It was done under the emanate domain policy. They would not say why they needed the land or what they intended to do with it. My dad said that they were building some kind of military base for top-secret projects. This particular mountain was ideal in that it was one of the most remote sections of Vermont. The area became a high-security base. There were signs everywhere stating that anyone caught trespassing or anywhere near the base would be shot on site. Apparently, the section of land they confiscated belonged to an old guy named Gus. He did not want to move and refused to leave.


My dad said that the guy would camp out alone in the area where we are now. He would spend his time spying on what was going on at the base. I think he was caught and probably sent off to jail or killed by the security people. The only  thing I knew about him was that his name was Gus, and he lived alone. "Correction, When I said that I thought he died, I was only guessing. The fact is, he could still be alive and living in these mountains today! It's just that no one has ever mentioned seeing him over the last few years. Maybe he is still alive, living somewhere in this mountain! I only met him once in my life, and he scared the daylights out of me! I was about twelve years old at the time.


My encounter with him happened in the fall season while I was hiking on this very trail alone. The fall season is a great time to be up here in Vermont. The foliage is a fantastic sight to see! You would not believe all the different colors that light up the whole mountain. Anyway, as I was heading home from my hike, I would hear some movement in the bushes alongside the trail. I figured that maybe it was a bear, so I started to run fast down the rocky trail. As I made a turn along a bend, I fell and tumbled down about ten feet or so. When I came to a stop on the ground, I found myself facing a pair of old army boots. It was old man Gus standing right in front of me. He grabbed me by my left arm and pulled me up. I came face to face with him, and he scared the life out of me. He was wearing an old torn army jacket with sergeant stripes and had a large army knife strapped to his side. I figured that he was going to kill me for sure.

He stared coldly at me for about a minute or so, never saying a word! He then jabbed me in the chest with his boney finger and asked me if I knew a boy named Lawrence. I was so scared that my words would not come out. I just shook my head no! He then started to ramble something about people living inside the military base on the mountain and how they stole his land.  As he continued talking, he kept on jabbing me with his finger as if I was not listening to him. "I got something to show you, boy! You best be listening to me; you hear me, boy!" I just kept nodding my head in agreement. I figured that he had to be crazy and might hurt me. The fact that he had a very large army knife strapped to his side only added to my fear. After he finally let go of my left arm, he then reached into a pouch strapped to his shoulder and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper.


Chapter 4. Genesis 15


He handed the crumpled paper to me and said, "Now read that boy, and tell me what you think it is! My eyes aren't what they used to be, so tell me what you think it says!" I looked at it and said, "Sir, it really doesn't say a whole lot. It just looks like some kind of seal that says "Genesis 15 on it. He then grabbed the paper from my hand and yelled back, "That's what I thought! Do you know what that means, boy?" "No, I don't, Sir. "Well, listen up, and don't you  forget it! A few years back, I was in the military myself out in Roswell, New Mexico. Do you know where that is, boy? "No, Sir, I don't! "What do you mean you don't know where it is? Are you some kind of an idiot? You kids are all stupid today! Don't your parents teach you anything? Kids are stupid today because all they do is watch TV and play video games. Well, listen up, and I'll try to smarten you up! When I was stationed out in Roswell, some kind of crash occurred out in the desert. A lot of people said it was a UFO. Well, Gus doesn't believe in that crap! But I was there at the crash site, and I saw what looked like the body's being taken away from the site. And the one thing for sure was that those bodies did not look human to me.


From that day on, everything concerning that crash site was kept secret. "You want to know what I think, kid? I think that maybe one or more of those bodies were alive, and they were keeping them in a building out there in area 51" I'll tell you something else! After some time, the government came here to this mountain, stole my land, and built some kind of secret base. There was a big company under the name of Genesis 15 that came with them. If you put the number 15 backward, it's 51. I figure it's code for Area 51. I heard that The Genesis 15 company was working on artificial intelligence and robotics. I figure that those military people, along with Genesis 15, took my land to put those aliens in one of the buildings and are doing some kind of top-secret shenanigans with them.


Chapter 5. Listen Up Kid


"As old man Gus continued his story, I just made sure to keep eye contact with him to assure him that I was listening to every word he said. With all his talk of aliens, I figured that he was crazy for sure! If I tried to run from him, I thought that he would catch me and maybe kill me with that big knife strapped to his side. He continued his rambling on for about twenty minutes or so without ever taking a breath. "Now listen up, kid! There was another strange thing that happened back in the desert that I want to tell you about. What I'm about to tell you was never reported in the news!" It happened a few months after the crash in the desert." I heard that people started seeing a lot of blue flashing lights in the night sky. They say that there was a second UFO crash, and some folks said they saw a lone figure leaving the crash site and heading out into the desert. "You want to know what old Gus thinks about that crash kid?" I just shook my head yes. Gus came right up about two inches from my face and yelled. "I figure that it was another alien craft on a rescue mission!


A couple of weeks later, I met one of the local ranchers who told me that he saw a stranger out in the desert shortly after the second crash. He said that he would see someone sitting on a rock cliff by himself every day for about two weeks. One day he decided to try to approach the guy and ask him what he was doing out in the desert by himself. When he got within fifty yards to where the guy was, the stranger got up and ran into the open desert, never looking back. The rancher said he noticed that the guy did not have any supplies with him. "How could he have survived without food or water for two weeks?" He figured that maybe he was one of those survivalist types. When the rancher got to where the stranger was sitting, there was no sign that anyone had been camping there. However, he did find a small silver name tag lying on the ground. It read "Agent Tray Marrow."


In the months that followed, some of the locals did report that they would see a man wandering around in the desert area from time to time. The local officials said that it was probably a vagrant passing through. Whatever the case, my enlistment ended, and I came back to my mountain home up here in the wilderness of Vermont for peace and quiet. I had a pretty good life up here until those dang government people, and the Genesis 15 company came and stole my land! "I'll tell you something else, kid, and you better listen. Right after the Genesis 15 company finished their base here, I hid close by and did some spying. No one knows this mountain as old Gus does. I have been living up here since I was a young boy like you. I know every secret hiding place, and those military fellows will never find me. One day I was hiding and spying on them, and I noticed a young boy sitting alone in a gated area in the back of one of the buildings. Each time I saw him, there were two men carrying rifles in the same area. I felt bad for the lad in that he just sat alone. Over the next month or so, I would see that same boy being escorted to the gated area and just sitting alone.


Chapter 6. He Was Studying me


One day I heard alarms going off, and I saw the kid running up towards where I was. I never saw anyone run so fast! When he came up to where I was hiding, he just stared at me without saying a word. It was like he was staring right through me! He was kind of an odd-looking boy. I can't put my finger on it, but it was that the coloring of his face and arms were very odd. I asked him what his name was, and he said it was Lawrence Lane. I asked him if he was alright. The answer he gave me was very strange. He looked at me, never blinking his eyes, and said, "I don't know what you mean, Gus! My name is not alright. I am Lawrence, and I am looking for my sister! They won't let me see her. Can you help me mister Gus? My sister is inside the building and alone.


The men chasing him suddenly came up  to where we were. The kid continued to stare at me with a blank look on his face and then just turned and took a leap of about six feet to an overhanging boulder. I then saw him lift a log about seven feet long and fling it into the pathway of the pursuing men. "How the hell could this kid be so strong?" When I looked up at him, his face seemed to have glistened in the sun, almost like a reflector. I know my eyes aren't what they used to be, but I know what I saw. I also noticed a pea-sized blue light flashing from the left side of his shoulder. I think that maybe it was some kind of new phone gizmo. The men pursuing him ran right past me, trying to catch him in vain. I figured that it was time for me to get the hell out of there before they came back to grab me. Ever since that time, I never saw the kid again. I figure he is probably an adult by now. "I'm not sure what he meant when he said that he asked me to help him find his sister. I thought maybe his parents worked and lived there while working on a top-secret project. The one thing I could never forget about that kid was the way he just stared right through me. It was as if he was studying me. The other thing that I could not understand was the fact that he knew my name was Gus! Ever since those no-good government people took my land, I have kept on spying on them. I figure that they moved those alien bodies from area 51 to their new complex here.


Every once in a while, I see some blue lights coming in close at night and then disappear as fast as they came. I think it's an alien craft on a rescue mission to retrieve those bodies in the complex. I think maybe those aliens in there are alive. "By the way, kid, are you sure that you don't know Lawrence?" I answered, no, Sir, I don't! My folks and I are the only families living on this mountain, and I never ran into any other kids up here! "If I do see him do you want me to tell him that you are looking for him? Gus then jabbed his finger into my chest and said, "Of course not, you idiot, do you think I want those Government agents who were chasing him to lock me up? "Now get the hell out of here before I kick you in the ass!"


Chapter 7. Where Is Jan


Tom's story was pretty incredible and sounded very believable. It was a lot to take in, and when he finished, we all decided to head back to the cabin. On the way back towards the cabin, Larry told us that he had an uncle out in New Mexico who had a business that was not too far from the Roswell incident. He said that his uncle owned a towing company and that someday he would move out there and take over the business. We didn't pay much attention to what Larry was saying in that we figured it was just another one of his  bragging stories. As we continued to walk down the rocky twisting trail, Jan suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and screamed! "Did you see that?" In that I was following her so close, I bumped into her hitting my chin on the back of her head. Her ear-piercing scream made me forget about my chin. She stood motionless, pointing in the direction of where the cabin was located. "Did you guys see that?  Looking into the direction as to where she was pointing, we could see a bright flashing light. The lights appeared to be a light blue tone. Within a few seconds, we heard what sounded like a crash. Without question, everyone was startled. We thought that maybe a small plane or helicopter had crashed. We all rushed down towards the flashing lights! As we came closer, the lights became brighter and brighter. It was a hurtful blinding light that made us all turn away. I could hear a low humming sound which seemed to have a throbbing-like beat coming from the area to where the lights were. "Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lights and the sound were instantly gone! We all just stood there in disbelief as to what we had just experienced.


As we got close to the cabin, it looked as if nothing ever transpired there. "No sign of a crash! With Tom leading the way, we all made a quick dash for the cabin door. I yelled to Tom to put the lights on. Tom screams out, "Is everyone Ok?" My chin did hurt a little from having bumped into the Back of Jan's head, but the excitement as to what we just witnessed took the sting away. After Tom got all the cabin lights turned on, he seemed to look bewildered. He then yelled out, "Where is Jan?" I don't see her anywhere. Does anyone know where Jan is?" "I answered, "I thought she was right behind you, Tom! In fact, I hit my chin on her head when she stopped and screamed! Tom began running frantically through the cabin and then outside, yelling her name. No response. "Please, everyone, be still, listen if you hear her. The only sound we heard was the sound of the summer bugs filling the midnight air and Larry chopping loudly on a candy bar. Larry then let out a loud burp and said, "I'm sure she is ok. Maybe she took a wrong turn coming down the trail. Let's just sit back and wait for her? Tom flashed back, "Why, you selfish little fart!  My girlfriend could be lost or injured, and all you want to do is fill your face with candy and sit and wait! I ought to throw you outside in the dark for the bears. I'm sure they would like to lick the chocolate off your fat ass face!"


Chapter 8. A Wrong Turn


Tom and I decided to then head back up the trail and look for her! Before we left the cabin, I could see Trina curled up in a corner crying. "I want to go home"; please, someone take me home!" She kept on repeating herself with no regard as to what may have happened to Jan. "I got up right in her face and said, no one is going anywhere sweetheart until we find Jan! "If you want to cry, please stay in the cabin and cry alone!"  She just kept on sobbing and insisting that she wanted to go home. I decided that it would be best if Larry stayed at the cabin with Trina while Tom and I searched for Jan. As we started to head up the trail, my flashlight started going dim. Unfortunately, I did not have spare batteries with me. The trail became darker as we ascended up the winding trail deeper into the heavy woods. After about forty-five minutes, Tom informed me that we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Without a flashlight, we were totally lost. I grabbed Tom by the shirt and yelled, "I thought you knew this mountain! What are we going to do now?" I then felt a push on my Back that knocked me down, causing me to stumble down the trail for about ten feet. When I got up, Tom was no longer with me. I yelled his name several times and did not receive a response. In the bushes alongside the trail, I could hear what sounded like someone running through the brush. It suddenly hit me that this mountain was bear territory. I felt totally defenseless and alone!


The night was now turning into an official nightmare. For a moment, I wondered if the joint Tom shared with us was some kind of strain that was making me dream all this or was this happening for real. Whatever the case, I was scared! What made matters worse was that someone did shove me down, and I heard the sounds of someone running through the brush hidden along the trail. As I lay on my back trying to recover from the fall, I realized that I scrapped my head and was bleeding. I could feel the blood and sweat from my forehead streaming into my eyes, making it difficult for me to see clearly. I could also hear the sound of bushes along the trail snapping as if someone or something was running in my direction. Once again, I figured that it was a bear.


Chapter 9.  Gus Was Dead


After a few moments, the sound suddenly stopped, and whatever it was, I sensed that it was standing right behind of me. Still lying on my back, I turned, and my right hand came into contact with what felt like a boot. As I looked up through my blurry vision, I could make out what looked like an old man standing inches from me. As I drifted off into a semi-state of consciousness, I knew that it was the old man I saw sitting on the rock cliff when we started to ascend the mountain.

Before I passed out. I could feel myself being lifted off the ground. I was then being carried down the bumpy trail in a rather fast gait. With one eye open, I could see a tiny bluish light flashing off to the side of the trail. It seemed to be

running alongside as we moved down the mountain trail. The next thing I heard was the sound of a door being kicked open and hearing a loud scream from Trina and a loud gunshot. I felt myself being dropped to the floor and could see Larry pointing a handgun towards the open door.


Larry shot the man who carried me down the mountain! It was the old man Gus! My eyes continued to be blurred by the sweat and blood dripping down my forehead. I struggled to keep from drifting into unconsciousness. Amid the constant sobbing cries from Trina, I sensed that old man Gus was dead!  I struggled to keep myself from drifting off into unconsciousness. Just in time, Tom came in from the back door and tackled Larry to the ground, trying to get the gun away from him! In the background, Trina kept sobbing and repeating, "I want to go home, I want to go home!" I finally regained my strength and pulled myself up. Tom yelled out, "Has anyone seen Jan yet? The room fell silent.


Apparently, Jan was still missing somewhere in the mountain. Once Tom had the gun away from Larry, things began to quiet down. Larry tried to explain that he shot old man Gus because he thought that Gus was trying to kill me. I responded, "That old man carried me down the mountain was carrying me to safety. What made you think that he was going to hurt me?" "I don't know, buddy, it's just that he looked like some kind of a crazy nut when he came in the door. I also saw that you had blood dripping down your forehead. What was I supposed to do? I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm out of here! Time for me to make my exit home!" Tom yelled back, "You can't leave. We have to find Jan first! We came here together, and we are all leaving together."


I looked at Larry and asked, "What do you think we are going to do about the dead guy you killed? We just can't leave him here. Larry answered, not my problem buddy. The guy is dead in Tom's house. Besides, he is  the one holding the gun. Why don't we just put him outside for the bears to take care of? Hearing that remark enraged Tom. He then slapped Larry across the back of his head with the butt of the gun he was holding. Larry fell to the floor clutching his wound and, in a low voice, turned to Tom and said, "You will pay for that friend!" He then picked himself up and, stepping over the dead body in the doorway, ran out into the dark night. Tom and I figured that he was going to try to find his way home. Tom turned to me and said that Larry would never find his way back down the mountain without a flashlight. The twisting trails went off in many directions, and the bears were coming out of hibernation.


Chapter 10. Two Bullets Left


We then decided to put the body of old man Gus into the shed for the night.  After we put the dead body of old Gus into the shed, we came back to the cabin to figure out a plan to search for Jan. It was about 1:05 A.M, and we started to hear thunder in the distance. It appeared that a fast-moving storm was heading  our way. Tom said that fast-moving storms were a common occurrence this time of year. Heavy thunder and lightning storms would pop up suddenly and sometimes continue for days. Unfortunately for us, it appeared that the storm would be at our doorway within the hour. We had to find Jan before the storm hit us. We decided to head out back towards where we last saw Jan. Before we left the cabin, I told Tom to make sure he took the gun with him in case we ran into a bear in the dark night. When he checked the gun's chamber, he found that there

were only two bullets left.


Tom suggested that we head back to the shed and check the pockets of old man Gus. Maybe he had some additional bullets on him. I then went out to the shed, where we took the body to check Gus's pocket for some bullets. Much to my surprise, when I got into the shed, the body was no longer there. "How could he be gone? He was shot, and we thought for sure that he was dead. Dead men just don't get up and walk away! I tried to reason that maybe a bear got into the shed and dragged the cabin. When I told Tom that the body was missing, he just shrugged it off. I think that his concern for Jan overpowered his frame of mind. I thought to myself if that was so, why was the door to the shed closed? I don't think a bear would have done that!


1:47 a.m. As we started to leave the cabin, thunder, and lightning, along with heavy rain, came upon us. It was dangerous and fruitless for us to head out in the heavy storm to search for Jan. Our hope was that she found a safe haven somewhere along the mountains trail. Tom said that there were many small rock outcroppings that could provide a safe shelter. Maybe Jan was safe in one of them. After about half an hour, we heard what sounded like scratching and tapping on the cabin's back door. I took the gun from Tom and slowly headed for the door. Tom followed close behind and cautioned me that it could be a bear  trying to get into the cabin. As we passed a small window on the sidewall of the room, I noticed what  appeared to be a tiny blue light flashing in the woods. It was the same tiny blue light that I remember seeing back when I fell on the trail. As I was trying to get my focus my thoughts on what I just saw, the sound of loud thunder and flashes of lightning surrounded the cabin.


Chapter 11. Engulfed In Darkness


The storm was getting worse by the minute. The wind was so intense that it shook the small cabin. Just before we got to the cabin's back door, we heard a loud crash of a falling tree landing on the roof. Water leaks began springing up everywhere. The wind intensified, causing the heavy tree to slowly continue falling through the roof. Within seconds it came crashing down and landed within about two feet to where we were. The falling tree shook the cabin causing Tom and me to fall to the floor. The outside generator must have been hit as well when the tree fell in that all of the cabin lights went out instantly. The cabin became engulfed in total darkness.


When the back-cabin door swung open, our greatest fear became a reality, and a small baby brown bear cub entered the cabin. I knew that mama bear would be close behind. I yelled out to Tom to hand me the gun. He yelled back, "I don't have it. I dropped it when the tree came down!" The sounds of swirling wind,  dripping water and Trina crying loudly in the other room filled me with a gripping fear. In the darkness of the cabin, I could sense the brown bear cub coming closer to me. Every once in a while, she would let out a whimpering cry calling for her mother.  That was not good! I knew that her mother would soon be by. What made matters even worse was that Tom yelled to me that his left foot was pinned under the tree. Without question, we were in a hopeless situation! I tried to feel my way around the pitch-black cabin to try to help Tom get free from the tree pinning his foot. Every once in a while, a flash of lightning overhead would fill the cabin with a moment of light. I could see Tom trapped on the floor during one of those lightning flashes and the baby brown bear cup standing next to him. When the room became dark again, the bear cub would let out her whimpering cry for her mother.


Chapter 12.  Deep Growls


When I finally got to Tom, I tried in vain to lift the heavy tree off of his foot. I knew that he would be trapped there for a while. It would take more than the strength that I had to free him. The one thing that scared me more than anything was the fact that the mother bear would enter the cabin and kill us both. I began to push the cub to move away. The more I hit and eventually kicked at her to move, the more she would press against me wanting to stay. She was just as scared as both of us. In the distance, I could hear the deep growls and deep grunting of the mother bear. I knew that she would eventually find her way into the cabin.  At a frantic pace, I tried in vain to free Tom. The tree was just too heavy, and I was near exhaustion. My hands and arms were scraped and bleeding. My worse than I thought. I could feel that I was slowly fainting off due to the loss of blood. If only the cub left the cabin, we would be in a better situation. We would have a chance if we could last through the night without being killed by the mother bear. I did not want to leave Tom trapped under the tree alone! I could not let my best friend die alone without a fight. As I sat and waited for morning, I desperately tried to fight to keep my eyes from closing and falling asleep.


While I was in a half-sleep state, I once again could see that same tiny blue blinking light moving about the cabin. It was the last thing I saw before the weight of my tired eyes put me into a deep sleep. Just before I drifted off, I remembered the story Tom told us when he mentioned that old man Gus said about a boy named Lawrence Lane he encountered. He said that the kid had a tiny blue flashing light emanating from his left shoulder. He also said that he saw the kid pick up a huge log and fling it into the direction of the men chasing him!  The next thing I felt was the hand of someone waking me up. It was Jan kneeling over me, wiping the sweat and blood from my forehead. The sun came crashing through the open roof as I struggled to open my eyes from the blinding sunlight. She then helped me sit up. I asked, "What's going on Jan, where is Tom?" She answered that he was ok and in the other room with Trina." "How did he get free from the tree pinning him down, I asked?" She answered, let's go to Tom and Trina, and I will fill you in on what happened to me last night. When we all were together, Jan said that when she got lost during the evening, someone who called himself Lawrence took her by the hand and led her to a safe spot until the storm passed. "Just before daylight, he led me to the cabin. When he saw Tom trapped, he then came in and lifted the tree pinning Tom's foot. Without saying a word, he then just turned and left. "He was kind of a weird guy in that when I ran into him, he just stared at me and asked if I knew where his sister was!" The other thing that stood out to me was that he called me Jan. "How did he know my name?"


Chapter 13. A Bear Got Him



After Jan finished her story.  I thought back to what old man Gus had told Tom about his encounter with a boy named Lawrence, which sounded very similar to what Jan had said.  Whatever the case, I just wanted to leave the mountain and get back to civilization as soon as possible. About 8:30 A.M. Trina, Jan, Tom, and I started to make our way down the mountain to where we had left our vehicles. Before we headed out, I asked Tom what he thought happened to the body of old man Gus that we put in the shed. He replied that the bears most likely got to him, and there was nothing we could do at this point. As Gus was already dead, there was nothing we could do except inform the authorities when we got back to town.  About halfway down the mountain, Trina spotted a single boot shoe and several candy bar wrappers, all torn to shreds lying next to a small tree. We knew that the boot and candy bar wrappers once belonged to Larry. Without anyone saying a word, I guess that we all silently figured that maybe a bear got to him and dragged him off. For the rest of the long way home, we all kept our thoughts as to what transpired on the mountain to ourselves. Each of us had a lot to digest and settle in our individual minds.


Before heading to my house, I went into town and informed the Sheriff about the situation with old man Gus and told him about what we thought may have happened to Larry. The Sheriff told me that Larry made it out from the mountain without harm, much to our relief. In the weeks and months that followed my friends, and I eventually lost contact with each other. Time seemed to slip by quickly as the months soon turned into years. After some time, I heard that Trina got married and moved to California. As far as Tom and Jan, all my attempts at communications with them were never returned. A cousin of mine informed me that he heard that Larry was alive and well and running a towing company somewhere out in New Mexico. I do recall that Larry was always bragging that he would someday own such a company.


As for myself, I entered college and studied robotics and artificial intelligence programming. About fifteen years had passed I received an unexpected invitation in the mail. It was an invitation to our high school reunion. The reunion was to be held sometime after Thanksgiving at a local pub. I thought attending a high school reunion sounded good. It would be great catching up with some of my old friends. Soon enough, the night of the reunion arrived. In that it was fifteen years since I last saw my high school friends, I did feel a little nervous entering the dinner club. I suppose that everyone has a little bit of both anticipation and fear about those reunions. Mostly because we are too self-conscious about the way we may have changed. Some looked great, while others seemed to have aged  more than others. The funny thing was that the guys who were the tough guys did not look so fearful anymore. Trina was there alone. Apparently, her marriage did not go well, and she got divorced after three years. Tom and Jan were not in attendance. However, much to my surprise, Larry was there.


Chapter 14.  A Restless Night


As usual, he was holding court and bragging about his successful towing business out in New Mexico. I made it my point not to look in his direction and stay clear of him the remaining evening. After about two hours, I decided to leave the party and head back to my hotel room. It was a restless night for me. Seeing Trina and Larry brought me back to that eventful night atop the mountain in Vermont. As I tried to fall asleep that night, I found myself pondering the story Tom told us about the encounter he had with old man Gus when Tom was about twelve years old. In the report, Gus said he encountered a boy by the name of Lawrence who was being chased in the woods by two government agents. I also thought back to when Jan said that someone by the name of Lawrence took her to safety the night of the storm. Jan also said that it was the same boy who removed the tree that pinned Tom's foot. Maybe old Gus was not so crazy after all. As I thought about those things, the story that old Gus told Tom made more sense in that both he and Pam both had an interaction with the boy. Even more coincidental was the fact the boy named Lawrence somehow knew their names and spoke something about searching for his sister. Although I tried to forget the past, I could not come to terms or make sense out of the string of events we all encountered that night on the mountain. Every now and then, I thought back to when I saw what looked like a tiny blue flashing light that seemed to be running alongside the trail the night I fell.


The hardest part was that I had no one to talk to about those strange events. Those who shared that night of terror with me were no longer a part of my life. That all changed when I took a class on artificial intelligence and met a fellow student who seemed to have a similar interest. He introduced himself as Jay. We hit it off as friends and enjoyed talking about our mutual interest in the science of robotics. His understanding of robotics and science was astounding. I thought it strange when he told me that he worked as a private investigator. The real shocking news hit me when he said he was hired to locate a missing man named Lawrence. He then reached into his pocket and handed me his business card, which read; Agent Jay Marrow! That was the name old Gus said the rancher saw on a silver plate out in the desert after the second UFO crash in New Mexico. Needless to say, I was   somewhat of a shock. This was no coincidence! "I quickly realized that my story did not end when I left that isolated mountain in Vermont several years ago. It was just the beginning..."


The ongoing story will continue in part two entitled

"The Cloud Conspiracy Investigation of the Robot People."


A fast-moving and riveting continuation story as told by special agent Tray Marrow hired to find the missing passengers of a UFO crash. One of the survivors who assumes the name of "Lawrence" helps the Genesis 15 company develop a new super-human implantable microchip that will allow a human to be inter grated as one with the cloud. Advanced robots are programmed to assimilate human behavior as they interact with humans. Back at the Genesis 15 headquarters, a power-hungry employee named Larry of Genesis 15 breaks into the high-security lab and implants himself with the microchip that will allow him to become one with the cloud! The story continues to unfold as the power grid fails...

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